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5 best rifles in GTA Online after Criminal Enterprises DLC

GTA Online has come a long way in the past decade. With GTA V, it managed to see its singleplayer component come with tons of updates and even more players. If you are looking for the latest information about the new weapons of criminal enterprises GTA Online, then this is what you need to know.

At the moment, only one gun is available. We look at what it is used for, how much it costs and what makes it special. Plus, we have an idea of ​​what the next game will be like. With some educated guesses, we consider everything you need to know out there.

You can also upgrade your weapons as you see fit. Thankfully, Rockstar has introduced a wide variety of weapons to ensure adequate protection against its opponents. However, given the huge range of weapons in the game, how do you know which one suits you? We are here to help you answer this question.

1. Special Carbine Mk II- $135,000

The Special Carbine Mk II is probably the best assault rifle in the game and can easily be called one of the best weapons in GTA Online. The biggest highlight of the gun is the massive amount of customization and upgrades that come with it.

In addition, upgrades and customizations can be changed according to your playing style and preferences. The gun has the chops for both short-range and long-range shooting, making it an extremely versatile weapon.

Even though the firing rate of the weapon is relatively high, the construction of the gun ensures that your accuracy remains impeccable. In addition, you can equip the Special Carbine Mk II with a variety of rounds, such as incendiary rounds, full metal jacket rounds, and armor piercing rounds. This gun really is a jack of all trades in GTA Online!

2. Compact Rifle

Compact Rifle Lowriders: Custom Classics is another AR introduced in the game with updates.

The compact version of this gun has a short-barreled Norinco Type 56 receiver. Like its namesake, the weapon is small enough to deal more damage than the other mentioned assault rifles on the list so far.

It is also the first assault rifle that players can use on a bicycle, motorcycle or boat. Gamers can buy it from Ammu-Nation or Agency Armory for $14,650.

3. Heavy Rifle

This is another assault rifle manufactured by Vom Feuer and was offered with a contract update. The magazine of the Heavy Rifle is tilted forward because it has a shorter barrel. This special carbine fires 5.56mm cartridges just like the assault rifle.

The weapon easily outperforms carbine rifles, assault rifles and compact rifles. It can also move at close range with other Mark II weapons.

The gun gives players an advantage within a close-mid range band and allows them to capitalize on its high damage per shot. It is available from Ammu-Nation or Agency Armory for $450,000.

4. Assault Shotgun

If you are looking for a weapon that can destroy at close range, then the Assault Shotgun is the weapon for you. This automatic shotgun will easily stun any enemy from close range.

You can unlock the Assault Shotgun at level 37 and will only set you back $10,000. It’s especially well suited to indoor combat that you’ll often find yourself in during missions, but it will also destroy other players in PvP.

In close combat, no matter what weapon he comes up against, the assault shotgun will win.

5. Up-n-Atomizer (Raygun)

Based on science-fiction directed-energy weapon designs, the Up-A-Atomizer is a fun addition to the game. Unlike other conventional firearms in GTA Online, it does not require ammunition, but recharges for two seconds after firing (resulting in 30 rounds/one minute of fire).

While not as powerful as explosive weapons, the Up-a-Atomizer has some pretty interesting effects on players and objects – primarily, it blows them up in the air or pushes them away from the shooter.

This ability makes it great for unattended vehicles (the weapon causes minimal damage to vehicles, which makes them nearly impossible to destroy by accident) and trolling people (for example, unsuspecting victims). pushing off the ceiling). The main drawback of this weapon is its price, but it was given out to all players for free during the 2018 Christmas “Festive Surprise” event.

What’s the best rifle in GTA Online?

The Trustworthy Micro SMG Can Also Be Used While Driving:

The Micro SMG is a submachine gun that has been in the Grand Theft Auto series for several games now and is definitely a popular game to take with people. With the extended magazine purchased, the Micro SMG can hold 30 rounds, which is a step up from the 16 rounds that can be purchased initially.

Even though the Micro SMG has the lowest magazine capacity when the player first picks it up, the fact that the extended magazine doubles makes it much easier to manage without worrying about constantly reloading. This is the only SMG available for use while driving, making it a great option for your commute.

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