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best emotes to get in Free Fire MAX

In one of the best games free fire, something new keeps coming every day, which includes many new things like gun skins, emotes etc. Do you know what are the best emotes in Free Fire, which you enjoy seeing in friends and you will look like a pro player.

But for your information, let us tell you that today we will give information about the top emotes of free fire, knowing this, you will get a lot of information about this emotion, let’s start about the top free fire emotes.

What Is Emote In Free Fire MAX?

But before starting the list of Emote, you will have to know what is Emote. Emote is computer-generated animation which helps in giving desired expression to the character and any player can do any animation of 5-19 in a single click.

Use more of this emotion in the player lobby to show your emotion collection to multiple friends, or to show your expression.

How To Use Emotes In Free Fire

Step 1: Tap on your characterStep 2: All the available emotes will be displayed

Step 3: Click on the emote that you want to use

best app to get free emotes in free fire

For your information, let us tell you that the premium products of Free Fire cannot be taken for free, they are purchased with the help of the official application of Free Fire.

You should beware of any fake application, you cannot get free emotes by using this application.

best emotes to get in Free Fire MAX 2022

1. I’m ruch

best emotes to get in Free Fire MAX

price: 131 dimaind

The free Fire player (I’m rich) likes Emotes a lot, in which there is a lot of money on which the character sleep.

The player should buy this character, it is used to tell the player the richest, it would have been a lot of fun, all that. Earlier, it used to cost around 999 diamond to get this emotes, due to the special offer, as of today its price is 131 and it will be easy for the player to take these emotes.

2. Kongfu

Price: 599 diamonds

Kung Fu emotes is one of the very best and cheapest emotes with a prize money of 599 diamonds. Players use Kung Fu emotes after the end of the match to show their power and which is also used a lot in the lobby.

Kung Fu emote is one of the better emotes in itself which cannot be compared and is one of the favorite emotes of many players.

Overall, Bhava looks amazing when activated. The emote is available on the in-game store with a diamond rate of 499 diamonds.

3. Burnt BBQ

Price: 599 diamonds

Burnt BBQ is very funny emotions in which the character is shown doing BBQ, the player liked Burnt BBQ emotes. You have been given a lot of emotes in a low price, don’t forget to try it.

Due to low price, many players have taken this emotes and use it in friend circle.

4. Booyah

Booyah emote is considered very precious, players like to use it when they win the match. The price of these emotes keeps changing, because of this you have to check it yourself in the application.

5. Lol emote

Most of the players do this emotes to show their ability. Your in-game character will laugh when you use this gesture. This gesture is widely used during combat to show dominance over other players.

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