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10 BEST Weapon Skins in CS:GO – RANKED (2022)

One of the best features of the game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins that change the look of weapons. However, out of many, only a few deserve true praise.

Whether they’re shiny, minimalist or tempting, many skins have a hefty price tag that a CS:GO casual wouldn’t want to pay. Some are in the range of a few dozen, others shoot into the thousands of dollars.

Skins was, until recently, a force that drove the economy out of a huge parallel betting market (until a United States government legislator and then Valve began to notice him). If on the one hand this is a moment in history that we want to forget, it is important to remember that these skins established the economic basis of Counter-Strike as a game today.

1. Nightwish

When you gun weapon skins like Nightwish, you’ll need to throw away several aspects of stealth. After all, this is easily one of the brightest weapon skins you can find on the market.

Nevertheless, as one of the newly available skins to be released in January 2022, Nightwish sports neon spirals that are all complemented by a creepy looking creature in the middle of the gun. It’s not the cheapest skin in the game, but it’s definitely one of the brightest.

2. Phantom Disruptor

Available only for the AK-47, Phantom Disruptor is one of the cheaper skins that looks like it should be significantly more expensive.

The design depicts an animal with lethal teeth running through the body of the gun. It is not as bright as other designs, but just creepy and beautiful at the same time.

3. AUG Aristocrat

Although cheaper if you choose a used model, the AUG Aristocrat makes quite an impact. The black and silver aesthetic set it apart from other rifles in the CSGO. If you are looking for superior accuracy and impressive firepower, this scoped rifle will not disappoint. However, like any ranged weapon, you’ll have to contend with considerable reload times.

4. AWP Acheron

AWP Acheron is beloved by legions of CSGO players. You may also have noticed that more than a few professional teams go over this in their loadouts. What makes AWP Acheron special? This military-spec sniper rifle may lack fast loading times, but it can kill an enemy with a single hit. You’ll find plenty of battle-scarred and field-tested versions of this skin on the cheap.

5. Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem, Factory New – Over $100,000

A factory new Karambit case hardened in CS:GO can cost well over $100,000. What makes it unique is the pattern engraved on each knife. The StatTrac™ versions are a bit more expensive than the common ones, selling for around $3000-4000.

This specific knife is called the “Blue Gem” because it is completely blue in color. The “Blue Gem” Karambit was bought a few years ago by Newb Rays for about $100,000. After that, the price of this skin literally skyrocketed. The owner of this skin was offered $1.4 million, but he turned it down. If this sale was ever successful, it would without a doubt be CSGO’s most expensive skin ever.

6. StatTrak™ AK-47 Fire Serpent, Factory New – $8500

Next, we have this beautiful AK-47 skin on the list. Since the AK-47 is a popular rifle, its skins are also very expensive. Many professional CS:GO players love it because it’s a dream for one-tapping opponents with headshots. The StatTrac™ version of the AK-47 Fire Serpent Factory New costs around $8500 due to its age and rarity.

It is a really beautiful skin and a fire snake motif is printed on it. It was released in 2014 as a part of the Bravo Collection and is clearly one of the most expensive AK-47 skins on the market.

7. StatTrak™ Tiger Tooth Butterfly Knife, Factory New – $2500

The Butterfly Knife is a freely rotating blade, and part of its appeal is the animation of the character when equipped in the game.

The Tiger Tooth Butterfly Knife has a golden orange base color and an etched tiger stripe pattern, which gives it its name. It was launched in 2017 as part of the Take a Trip to the Canals update. It has an estimated value of $2500, but there are now some listings for $1500.


The body surface is matte black in colour. In the central part of the body is the griffin (a winged mythical creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion).

The picture is made in beige and brown. The background behind Griffin’s back is painted in a turquoise shield. Images of feathers painted in various shades of brown are scattered throughout the handguard and top of the stock.

9. MP5-SD: Agni

The diabolical looking MP5 follows the same red color theme as ‘Agni’, which directly translates to ‘Fire’ in English, the most sought-after weapon within the skin collection, which has gained popularity due to its attractive design and aesthetics. It has collected several awards since its release due to its attractive features.

The mythical character’s face can be seen blazing fire from his mouth on the main body as the flames proceed to form a spectacular design down the wide part of the submachine gun, before transitioning into a cylindrical barrel that has a minimal Golden finish design.

10. LMG

This assault rifle and LMG hybrid is by far the best long-machine gun in the game. This gun comes with the fastest ADS speed and great accuracy among all other LMGs. The movement speed is not bad and the rate of fire is good compared to any assault rifle in the game.

However, the Holger 26’s reload speed can be a problem in the game. But it can be enhanced with the Cleansing of the Hand perk. The Holger 26 has AR-like damage and deep rangeability. In addition, we recommend that you use an underbarrel attachment that can be used for low recoil.

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