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Xiaomi devices supports 90 FPS for PUBG Mobile and BGMI

As you know, Grafton released PUBG Mobile as BGMI in India and BGMI aka PUBG Mobile is the most popular battle royale game across the world. The new update of BGMI aka PUBG Mobile comes with a slew of the latest features and content in the game including the new Erangel Transit, Anti Gravity Motorcycle, Binoculars, and added 90 FPS feature for multiple devices.

In this article, you can see the complete list of Xiaomi, Poco, and Black Shark devices that supported the 90 FPS feature in PUBG Mobile or BGMI.

Furthermore, Battlegrounds Mobile India is developed by South Korean company Grafton and is similar to its predecessor, PUBG Mobile India. It would not be wrong to mention that krafton has practically replicated all the features of PUBG Mobile India in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

How to Enable 90 FPS in Pubg mobile

  • Open PUBG Mobile game
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Graphics tab
  • Tap on the 90 FPS option in frame rate settings

Xiaomi/ Redmi / POCO / Black Shark Devices is Supported 90 FPS in PUBG Mobile / BGMI


  • Xiaomi 12
  • XIaomi 12 Pro
  • Xiaomi 11X 5G
  • Xiaomi 11X Pro 5G
  • Xiaomi 11 Ultra 5G
  • Xiaomi 11 Lite
  • Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G
  • Xiaomi 10T Pro
  • Xiaomi 10T
  • Xiaomi 10
  • Xiaomi 10i


  • POCO F3
  • POCO F3 GT


  • Redmi Note 10T 5G
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro Max
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro
  • Redmi K40 Gaming


  • Black Shark 3
  • Black Shark 3 Pro
  • Black Shark 4
  • Black Shark 4 Pro

List of Xiaomi/MI devices supports 90FPS in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

PUBG MOBILE and BGMI are the best battle royale games and recently a newly updated game of 1.7 has been launched. BGMI has been launched only for Indian players whereas PUBG Mobile is played globally.

Realistic graphics and features in PUBG MOBILE and BGMI double the fun of the game, that’s why a lot of new players are joining the game every day.

There is an option of 90 FPS in PUBG Mobile and BGMI and it can be enabled by going to the settings. The high frame rate on PUBG Mobile and BGMI takes your gameplay to the next level.

To play the game with 90 FPS, players must have 90Hz or 120Hz devices as without this it is not possible to enable the 90 FPS option in the game. All brands of phones are available in the market with a refresh rate of 90Hz or 120Hz, so today in this article we will tell you about Xiaomi’s 90Hz refresh rate smartphones.

List of Xiaomi/MI devices supports 90 FPS option in PUBG Mobile or BGMI

  1. Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
  2. Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G
  3. Xiaomi Mi 11
  4. Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro
  5. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
  6. Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra
  7. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
  8. Xiaomi Mi 10T
  9. Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
  10. Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite
  11. 11T Pro
  12. Redmi Note 10 5G
  13. Redmi Note 10 Pro
  14. Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G
  15. Black Shark 3
  16. Black Shark 3 Pro
  17. Black Shark 4
  18. Black Shark 4 Pro

Important Note: The above list may not be complete, there may be many other models of Xiaomi in the market which support 90 FPS.

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