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5 best Minecraft 1.19 seeds for jungle biomes

One of the exciting parts of a new update to Minecraft is rolling out to a whole new world. If it sounds like something you’re interested in doing, you’ll want to find the right seed for it.

These seeds will help get you started on your next creation, and set you up in the right environment to take advantage of all the new The Wild Update has to offer! We will show you some of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds in this guide.

best Minecraft Seeds

There’s more to Minecraft than just the basic game – and that’s enough to keep you busy for a while. Minecraft seeds open the game and then some, so there’s no limit to the places you can go.

Seeds are part of the creation tools that Minecraft provides and allow you to fill the world with all kinds of things. You’ll be able to acquire items, embark on new adventures, or simply go somewhere else with the intention of just taking in the sights – the choice is yours!

To help narrow down those options somewhat, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are some of the best Minecraft seeds out there right now.

1. Waterlogged Ancient City

Seed Code: -6918689756545845259

Most of Minecraft’s ancient cities roam under terrain, however, there is one exception to this seed. It is partially submerged in the sea, with many openings. Players can either dig or dive into the ocean to get inside this biome.

Overall, it’s a perfect place to start if you’re planning on exploring new Deep Dark material and building a cave-themed underwater base. In addition, there are also several waterlogged areas in the deep dark biome of the city.

2. Mushroom Island Paradise – Seed Code: 5975519174833736675

Mushroom islands are perfect construction locations in minecraft because no hostile mobs can go there. Players can spend as much time building up as they want without worrying about creepers and such.

The special Mushroom Island in this seed is even better – it joins two savanna biomes and one forest biome, with a woodland mansion.

Overall, this is a perfect place to build your base. Additionally, there is a shipwreck nearby, ready for looting and exploration.

3. Hillside Savannah Village

Seed Code: -698247204184653391

This is a beautiful vanilla spawn point seed for players who want to start a new game without the fuss. It begins next to a village, allowing players to trade and collect materials to begin their adventure.

The starting biome is mountainous savannah, which is decent because players can collect trees and other resources fairly easily.

4. The island of the monstrous jungle (Java)

Seed code: -5911948648168175046

Our next Minecraft 1.18 seed spawns us on the edge of a bamboo forest, which is part of a vast jungle island. And it looks exactly like one of those locations from the iconic Indiana Jones movies. There are many caves here, including the green caves of the area.

Then, there are also huge trees with vines to climb. And all this leads to a central icy rock from which a waterfall emerges. In many ways, this seed is perfect for building an island base.

5. Minecraft 1.18 Jungle + Plains Village Seed

Seed code: 2112031829

While we have models and textures for jungle villagers in the game, their villages have not yet been included in Minecraft. We expect the new Minecraft 1.19 biome to replace this by the end of the year. But in the meantime, this seed offers us the next best thing. He raises us inside a lowland village, surrounded on all sides by a forest biome.

There are also two blacksmiths, which makes this seed even more rare. The only downside to this seed is that Village is Java exclusive and you won’t see it in the Bedrock version. Using this on the Bedrock version puts you born on an empty field. However, the space is still great for a hidden base.

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