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Top RPGs with best graphics Play Right Now

The best RPG for Android and iOS offers players ultimate freedom. RPGs not only let you create your own character and customize them however you want.

While this is an integral part of the game, you are provided with the freedom and player choices to make or break the game. There’s no point in a game that only gives you the chance to customize your character and then gives you a few options as the story progresses.

1. Into The Dark: Narakan

Into the Dark: Narcan will stun you with its beauty. It has a retro yet minimal vibe that gels exceptionally well, in some unprecedented ways. Besides that, the game is a great RPG experience. It follows the general trope of a protagonist who suffers from amnesia and has to unravel his memories as he progresses through the story.

As you move through a forest full of animals, you’ll have to search for a baby and find your connection to them. The game’s turn-based combat has been revamped and will drive you to work.

Each weapon has a special attack pattern that you have to memorize and use when the opportunity arises. In addition to the RPG mechanics, the weapon choices also bring a puzzle element to the game.

2. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect trilogy helped propel the influence of choice into games and proved that a personal connection can make players fall in love for the overall experience, but the characters remain the true stars of the show and the reason for play.

Whether the loyal and charismatic Garrus or the kind and mysterious Clap, Commander Shepard’s companions provided many memorable — and sometimes heartbreaking — moments that came to define the experience through the trilogy.

The Legendary Edition gives players an easy way to access and play the full Three-Arc story the way it’s meant to be played with all the DLC. Remastered’s upgrades are undeniable in the visual department, and the improvements, especially in the first game, make a huge difference with revised Mako controls, better camera angles, and more detailed environments.

3. Tales of Arise

The most recent game on this list, Tales of Arise, had a tall order to fill: recreating the long-running Tales series and appealing to a wider audience. While retaining the essence of the franchise, Bandai Namco developed the formula in different and interesting ways, bringing in a new visual style, inserting more strategy into the gameplay and telling a more mature story.

Everything you love about RPGs is here: a massive world full of quests, ridiculously huge and intense bosses, a satisfying progression system, and amazing character interactions. The action battle system shines with engaging air strikes and team attacks with last-second dodge bonuses.

4. Life is Strange: True Colors

I’ve never played a Life is Strange game, so I didn’t get interested when True Colors was announced, that is, until I saw the trailer. I did a double take when I saw that the protagonist, Alex Chen, had the singing voice of MXMToon, a pop artist I’m a fan of. Then I was introduced to Heaven Springs, a lovely small town in Colorado, and boy, am I a sucker for small towns. But I made this decision only after meeting Alex.

Life is Strange: True Colors Feels Like It’s Made For Me. I love the characters, the story, the likes and everything in between. I became completely immersed in this world, and I became Alex Chen when I made each of these choices. I was ruthless when I had to be, kind when I could be, and badass 100% of the time. Life Is Strange: True Colors is one of the best PC games out there.

5. Dragon’s Dogma

Capcom’s hardcore action RPG Dragon’s Dogma is probably one of the lowest-rated games in the genre. While early criticisms of the game related to its sluggish performance, dated visuals, and the fact that Skyrim had released only a few months earlier, Dragon’s Dogma had some innovative gameplay mechanics that made it very different than its competitors.

Like Elden Ring, Dragon’s Dogma is a combat-heavy experience with plenty of options for building crafting. There are also huge and lengthy boss battles that are an absolute sight to behold. With Dragon’s Dogma 2, now seems like a perfect time for the Elden Ring fan to experience its decade-old predecessor and prepare for what’s to come.

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