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Top Most Popular White Hair Anime Characters

White is often depicted as the color of purity. Even in anime, this color is no exception. White is very prevalent in the medium and there are a ton of white haired anime characters who stand out more than the rest. White or silver hair in anime often indicates power, whether from an iconic bloodline, rare combat abilities, or strange magic.

In many anime, hair color often describes a character’s personality. While red hair is for fiery and brutal heroes, black for cool and intelligent types, it is the white haired characters who are more enigmatic. Some of them can be quite aloof, some are connected to the spirit world and some are extremely intelligent. Because of these qualities, he is a fan favorite.

1. Inumaki Toge from ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

Wondering how to become popular by saying just two or three words? For that, either you have to be very beautiful or you have to be Inumaki Toge. This handsome white haired anime boy from Jujutsu Tech is a descendant of the Inumaki clan and his cursed speech. He was born with the Inumaki clan’s “snake and fangs” seal on his tongue and both cheeks.

He initially appears distant and intimidating, however, under his calm and somewhat aloof personality, Inumaki is actually a very practical and caring person. He doesn’t speak with his mesmerizing words to stop someone from accidentally cursing, which is why he has developed a cursed pattern of his own.

2. Najenda

If I can be honest, Nazenda really couldn’t do anything throughout the run of the show and I would still love her.

I don’t know if it’s her design that just screams “alpha female badass energy,” or her terrifying jokes, but I liked the character’s way before she even raises a mechanical finger.

So you can imagine my fanboy joy when he was given the real power to move around, be it in an unconventional way.

Going to Inspector Gadget from time to time was just the icing on the cake. Joe is a double entender on this list, you know because Icing White is… no wonder I liked his humor.

3. Yaichi

This is probably the least famous of all the ones on this list. But I still think he deserves a mention.

The entire show basically revolves around this man and his not-so-impossible-to-read personality.

He seems calm and cool, but he also has more skeletons in his closet than Uno and Eminem. He is completely ambiguous, so it takes a lot of back and forth to understand him as a nice guy and antagonist.

It’s also a very subtle show, so he doesn’t do anything drastic. But I took great pleasure in leaving his character out of this list.

4. Gin Ichimaru

It might not look like it at first, but I must say, Jin is quite a mess in the medium.

He is one of the supporting characters in the Bleach anime series. And oh boy, she’s pretty hot.

His entire look is heavily influenced by the color white. For example, his coat is white and so is his hair.

So yes if you are a fan of white then this man must have under your eyes.

Anyway, he is often called Kitsune by Ichigo in the show. And what does kitsune mean?

It’s “Fox Faced”. As you watch the show, you will know why he is known by this name.

5. Najenda – Akame Ga Kill!

As a former general of the Empire, Nzenda is a powerful, practical and sharp-minded man. After breaking away from the Empire, she became one of the key members of the Revolutionary Army and head of the Knight Raid, as she wanted to root out corruption. Due to his childish appearance, Nzenda was nicknamed “The Hunk of the Rebellion” by his peers.

Nzenda’s impeccable leadership skills were behind Night Raid’s success in each mission. After the fall of the empire, he worked tirelessly to weed out the corrupt officials in hiding. Nazenda is good at many things, but people get intimidated by her when she often tells cold jokes.

6. Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Before being taken prisoner, Kane was a philanthropist and kind person. As he had to undergo ten days of intense torture at the hands of the Yamori, the incident drastically changed his personality, eventually turning him into an anti-hero.

After turning into a semi-ghoul, he abandoned all his previous ideologies. Kane became more cold-hearted and ruthless to protect his place and those close to him. Over time, he became more hungry and his only goal was to surpass all to become the strongest creature on earth. But at one point in the series, he wanted to get his lost humanity back.

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