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GTA 5 best missions for money

GTA is one of the most popular franchises in gaming with phenomenal settings, great commentary and one of the best written stories. Rockstar certainly knows how to engage its players with games, and getting money into gaming is probably one of their best plans. There’s a lot to do in the Grand Theft Auto universe, where players can hustle and make money.

GTA Online offers gamers many opportunities to earn money with various missions, robberies, activities etc. Players can use this money to buy property, make various investments, stock up on weapons and ammunition, and buy vehicles to move around Los Santos.

Even though most of the game’s content is focused on cooperative play, there are still some effective and profitable ways for single players to earn money.

A Superyacht Life – Salvage

Superyacht Life – Salvage is a yacht mission in Grand Theft Auto Online, introduced to the game as part of the Los Santos Summer Special Update. Players’ Galaxy Super Yachts captain Brendan Darcy entrusts this mission which can be completed entirely alone.

In this mission, Brendan Darcy informs players that there is an opportunity to retrieve sunken cargo from a sunken supply ship that has sent a distress call.

Players are directed to go underwater and collect seven sunken cargo containers. There is a lot to do with some limitations in mind. However, it has a decent payout of $16,250.

Factory Clear Out

You need at least three players for this, so it’s a good mission for crew members as it requires a bit of teamwork. You have to steal a truck laden with motorbikes and deliver it to a lock up in the Grand Senora Desert.

You have to split the roles of transporter, sniper and lookout before the mission starts. It doesn’t matter much, though the transporter has to be the one to drive the truck to the lock up, and only the transporter can see the location of the lock up.

Make sure you are all ready and contact the factory. You can come north on it from the factory fence, although this is not recommended. There are entrances on the east and west sides, but again, it’s a little too obvious. It is far better to find the stairs facing south and climb up to the terrace. This location gives a good profit when taking out the people guarding the packer truck.

Getting Involved In Multitasking

This is one of the best paying missions in GTA Online. This way of earning money has a lot to do with doing too many things at the same time. When you do as many businesses as you can successfully, you’ll make more money on the adventure.

For example, you can go into Import and Export at the same time. You can also do Bikers and Crates Business at the same time. Even though businesses may get some money, it will keep accumulating over time. And you will be among the rich players of the virtual world.

This is because money is highly needed to sustain life in the virtual world, including successfully executing missions.

Diamond Casino Gambling

Diamond Casino has many games to play inside, and with the purchase of Penthouse you have access to high stakes gambling tables. While playing these games can be risky, a skilled (and lucky!) player can earn millions of GTA dollars every hour. High stakes roulette tables usually have the best odds.

Casino Gambling Rewards

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Bet on horses, try the slot machines, and play cards for cash
  • Spin a prize wheel daily, win cash prizes and expensive cars

Widely acknowledged as one of the most efficient ways to make money in GTA Online, the missions on this list will help you buy flying motorcycles, tanks and all the other crazy things that give rich players an advantage!

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