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top 5 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps in 2022

Minecraft’s default world is perfect for exploration and crafting. If you are using one of the best speed running seeds, you can even add a thrill to your journey and set a world record.

However, none of them are comparable to Minecraft’s adventure maps. Each adventure map has been carefully crafted to provide a unique story that goes beyond the typical Minecraft experience.

You are born in a manually created world. Your goal is to survive everything that the map has for you. That said, it’s time to get ready and explore the best Minecraft adventure maps.

Best Minecraft maps to play with friends

If you want to explore the countless highly immersive worlds and creations of which fellow Minecraft players have devoted all their time, blood, sweat and tears to creating, then the areas of Minecraft maps are for you.

And if you want some of your friends to tag along with you and venture into these strange new worlds, look no further because below are some of the very best multiplayer maps that Minecraft has to offer!

1. Star Wars Breakout

top 5 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps in 2022

Don’t want to play in Toy Story or the Harry Potter universe? So let me introduce you to Star Wars Breakout.

In this Minecraft adventure map created by PanR4in, you are in the middle of a conflict between the evil Galactic Empire and a group of dangerous mercenaries. Your main objective is to get to the top edge of this battle and escape your captivity from the soldiers of the empire.

There, you’ll be fighting against a number of custom enemies. To stand a chance, you’ll be using custom blasters. You can play this map alone or with a friend, and the duration is 30-60 minutes.

2. Raft Survival

top 5 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps in 2022

Competing the seeds of the best survival island, this map puts us on a raft in the middle of an ocean. The map tests your survival skills and sportsmanship to make use of limited content and beat the game.

As far as our spawn is concerned, we only get one tree and one chest on our small raft. So yes, unless you are a master wildlife survivor like Bear Grylls, this map will present a great challenge for most players.

To level the playing field, the map also has 2 custom shops where we can get some rare items. However, even after receiving them, your existence will not be easy.

The concept of the map is similar to skyblock maps, but the presence of wooden structures and lots of water makes it unique. If you choose to try this map, be sure to think twice before placing your lava.


top 5 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps in 2022

Just when you thought you would never get a proper 3D Pokemon adventure on PC, this Minecraft Pokemon map is based on the Zoho region of Gold and Silver.

Offering a quest-line filled with bosses, NPC shops, and fully functional Super Potions, Johto enjoys an authentic Pokémon experience with its own soundtrack. Those Minecraft blocky visuals that make it feel like a Gameboy game too.

Combat must take place somewhere, and while this map doesn’t take advantage of Pixelmon Mod for its combat system, it repurposes weapons in the form of Pokémon monsters with which to fight. I

f that’s not close enough for you, we have a collection of suggestions for pokemon pc game alternatives for you to try instead.

4. Tide

top 5 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps in 2022

In Tide, you’re stranded on a 1:1 scale recreation of the island from the famous movie Cast Away.

Your goal is simply to survive on the island and advance through the challenges until you can craft a boat and return to civilization.

This map was originally designed for Minecraft version 1.17, but the developer says it will work without any problems as long as you stay above Y 0. Do you think you can survive on a huge island without the help of the outside world? This is the safest way to check!

5. Years Of Minecraft

top 5 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps in 2022

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, Blockworks released this tribute map in which the player rides a minecart in this museum of updates and features all the way from classic to bedrock.

There are also secrets and references hidden within the map. It’s amazing to see how Minecraft evolved from a simple game to a worldwide phenomenon so far.

It had its ups and downs but ultimately Minecraft will never die and looking at the current world record, it seems that no title can beat it in terms of being the most successful video game ever.

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Some dedicated Minecraft players have created rather creepy horror-themed maps. Here’s a look at some of our favourites!
1 Night Shift On Halloween.
2 Wait.
3 The Orphanage.
4 The Void Nightmare.
5 Disparage.
6 The Rolling Asylum Hospital.
7 The Jumper 2.
8 Crystal Fear.

These cool Minecraft worlds are some of the best we’ve ever seen. Some of them recreate famous and fictional landmarks.
1 King’s Landing Replica.
2 Minecraft Pocket Edition World.
3 London’s Great Fire Of 1666.
4 For Valhalla.
5 Epic Mountain Castle.

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