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best strategy games on android and iOS

Strategy games aren’t always the easiest games to play, and the best games are sometimes the most challenging. But, they can also be the most beneficial at times. They are wonderful games to play if you manage to use tactical and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles.

Developers to try something new. Furthermore, with the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, developers have started porting older PC games or console games to the medium as well.

This presents an opportunity for gamers who can’t afford an expensive platform to jump into the gaming bandwagon. The case is especially true for strategy games. While the principles remain the same at the core, there is opportunity for variation that may not occur in other styles.

#1. Despotism 3K

Autocratic 3K is not for the faint of heat. It is full of darker humor and more adult themes. Hence the mature 17+ rating. If you don’t mind that, there’s a lot to love that’s going on here. Firstly, it is a premium title with a good price tag. And it has no in-game purchases. So it’s a win.

Most of all though, it’s the classic style of retro graphics that gives it a cool feel. While it is mostly a strategy game, it also has Rooselight features. So players be careful.

#2. Night of The Full Moon

Last but certainly not least is the night of the full moon. It’s a little different from the rest of the games on this list. In addition to both its amazing comic style graphics and turn-based card battles thrown into the mix.

Our favorite feature is the events you can trigger randomly. As it gives a procedurally generated feel to the game, and it makes it more replayable. Which is a good thing to have in a mobile game.

#3. Rebel Inc

If you’ve heard of Plague Inc., you may have heard of Rebel Inc. This game is made by the same developers of the hit Plague Inc. game for mobile phones. However, things are very different at Plague Inc. Here, you are given the task of an administrator who has to rebuild an area that had suffered significant damage due to the civil war.

You have to make sure the community is up and running while keeping an eye on insurgent attacks. It’s a challenging game as you have to make choices that can make or break the arena. The game gives you a brief idea of ​​how tough the job of administrators in such areas can be and the adrenaline rush and strategy that comes with it.

#4. Kingdom Rush Series

What does this cartoonish, made-for-mobile, tower defense game put on a list of such strategy stalwarts, you ask. It’s going to look childish and flimsy, you say. While all of the above may be true, the Kingdom Rush series of Ironhide games represents the best tower defense title to be had on Android.

All the games in the series are basically the same game with different coats of the same color. They’re all fast-paced, elegantly designed and a blast to play as well. Play a few missions and you’ll likely find the cartoonish aesthetic appealing and the game thrilling.

#5. XCOM Enemy Within

Undoubtedly one of the best games ever on the Google Play store, XCOM Enemy Within should not be missed by any serious Android gamer. You lead XCOM through the title’s strategic layer, Earth’s last defense against a worldwide alien invasion.

Here you manage an international defense against foreign intrusions. You manage your XCOM base, troops, and international relations, while you research and develop the cool alien loot you get from your battles with E.T.

The title’s tactical layer though is where the game really shines. XCOM’s Tactical Combat represents the gold standard of tactical warfare. The title is so elaborate that its random missions create casual narratives.

Once you’ve encountered a sectopod after sculling through its dank hull and alien mothership, and deftly knocking it down via team effort and armor shredding rockets, you’ll know where I’m from. I speak And you will find true happiness again.

#6. Civilization Revolution 2

Another best offline strategy game for Android is Civilization Revolution 2. In this game, you’ll start building an empire, an army, and increase your production. However, you can win the game by defeating your enemies and also employing some strategies.

These methods include playing the role of a not-so-famous leader and dominating them by collecting 20,000 gold, establishing the World Bank, and acquiring up to 20 cities.

Also, in this Revolution 2 game, other ways to win over your opponents are either an economic victory, great people, and miracles. You can revolutionize civilization with the help of the founding of the United Nations or you can be the first to send a ship into space.

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