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the most powerful marvel character

In the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos was described as the biggest threat to the universe – and with good reason. Eventually, the man wiped out half of his entire life with a literal snap of his fingers.

But in the wider world of Marvel Comics, there are characters who are even more powerful than Thanos. Some of them, in fact. Ranked below are the 5 most powerful Marvel characters, and you might be surprised at some of the names on this list.

Most Powerful Marvel Characters, Ranked

Marvel’s comic book history has a huge list of characters – somewhere around the limit of 8000 main characters, and exponentially more if you count the supporting, one-off, and multi-variety versions of the guys. Of these, only a small fraction have been projected on the big and small screens, with many in the larger public knowing very little about the vastly populated universe that surrounds the Marvel brand.

1. Thor

Right off the bat, here’s someone you know for sure. The God of Thunder is undoubtedly one of the most powerful traditional superheroes in the Marvel Universe, with his Asgardian physiology and divine birthright giving him some impressive abilities.

Thor is physically one of the strongest characters in existence; He is almost invulnerable to damage; And his hammer Mjolnir gives him control over the weather as well as access to massive amounts of destructive energy.

2. Doctor Strange

Another Earthling (and MCU star), Doctor Strange holds the title of Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-616. As such, he is proficient in the mystic arts and is one of the most powerful magic users in all of the Marvel Universe.

His powers have varied greatly over the years and are sometimes difficult to define, but at his best, Strange can do almost anything. He frequently travels to other dimensions to do battle with ancient demons and cosmic beings, and has proven that he can hang out with anyone.

3. Thanos

Yes, Thanos doesn’t crack the top 30. (Hard to believe, but it just goes to show how incredibly powerful beings populate the Marvel Universe.) Thanos is a mutant eternal from Titan, the moon of Saturn, and he’s naturally incredible. Strength, durability and energy are the powers of manipulation.

His skill alone makes him at least on par with someone like Thor, but what makes Thanos even tougher is his determination and cunning. Thanos has conquered the universe several times in the comics by gaining access to MacGuffins such as the Infinity Gauntlet and The Heart of the Universe – and when he has them he is near-omnipotent, easily reaching the top five on this list. Is.

4. captain marvel

If you’ve only seen Captain Marvel in the movies, you might not be fully aware of the extent of his powers. At various points, Carol Danvers is able to create and control gravity, see the future, manipulate radiation, and absorb magical energy with no ill effects. While she’s most powerful when attached to a white hole, she retains most of her abilities in a scaled-down form, even if she’s just plain old energy-explosive hypersonic-flight impossible-to-poison. Be Carol.

This is an almost indestructible hero, who can control the light himself when it comes to mind. There’s no question about her ability – if she puts her mind to it, she could be one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Good thing his teammates are on the right!

5. Hulk / Red Hulk

The Hulk should know everyone by now. This is what happens when Dr. Bruce Banner goes insane. Basically, he turns into a giant, green, invincible monster that destroys everything in his path. This trait caught the good doctor when he was exposed to an experimental gamma bomb explosion, which allowed him to absorb massive amounts of gamma radiation.

Since then, the Hulk has taken over Bruce Banner’s body when he sees red, transforming him from a brilliant, but fragile scientist with the intelligence of a child, into a giant green rage monster.

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