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the Best Laid-Back Slice-Of-Life Anime Characters

Laid-Back Slice-Of-Life Anime Characters who have ruled the hearts of the people. Many people want. Which brings slice-of-life anime day-to-day moments to a whole new level, with comedy, drama, romance and more.

It’s easy to remember characters who stand out for being loud and over-the-top, but the pieces of life with a calm disposition are just as important to the story and deserve their flowers. So from calming to eye-opening, from unique to exciting, this list has it all. So grab your wafers, lie back on your couch, and prepare yourself for a ride.

kiki’s delivery service

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This series has been created by Hayao Miyazaki. So kiki’s delivery service which takes you to the world of dreams. Kiki leaves her house and moves out to live that when she comes to the city for the first time.

she gets the job of deliver woman where she delivers the goods. A lot changes in his life. And depression starts to happen and starts asking herself questions o what are you doing o what have you become o why are you unable to talk to yourself!

His smile abilities also go away. She was not able to do anything. what is happening in her life, but one day it also comes that she takes her courage forward in her journey with great enthusiasm. Its story is shown very deeply and the character has been created with detail, Johar plays an emotional very well.

a silent voice

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a silent voice that’s like the story of a depressed high school ishida who is our main character! Because one is a transfer student, it is responsible that Nishimiya is always tormented! The one who has come to school recently, who cannot hear, whose ear phone used to listen, ishida used to do a little everyday!

And used to harass him due to which he is transferred again but his old mistake is still felt by him! Joe seeks to rectify his mistake by getting another chance, as he is very sorry for his mistakes, where he was sent to another school.

where he meets Nishimiya again, then they become friends again and again. They spend a lot of time together, and both see themselves with a new perspective. Such a story has been shown to be very loving and quite interesting.

daily life of highschool boy

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daily life of highschool boy which is a comedy anime! Where you get to see a group of some boys, which shows the day to day activities of life in which the anime is known for a lot of comedy and quite amazing adventures.

which you will never be able to stop laughing after seeing this anime. Characters get funny episode by episode. And the special thing is that this anime has 12 episodes which you can watch very easily, if you like to watch comedy anime then this anime will be the best for you which will make you laugh and cry


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oregairu series which entertains a lot of people with a love story. Basically our main character is Hachiman Hikigaya who is very lonely, and has no friends but one day he joins a club where he meets Shizuka Hiratsuka!

Now it has been shown in the story that both these characters are quite similar. So the story is shown quite extraordinary in the starting. Where his friendship is becoming very strong with time and both of them start to understand themselves a lot. At the same time, very good comedy scenes and love filled moments were shown in the story which you should see.

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