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PUBG Battlegrounds x McLaren Collab: Krafton teases upcoming collaboration in the game

PUBG Battlegrounds x McLaren Collab: Crafton teases the upcoming collaboration in the game – Hello, gamers! Crafton has officially teased the upcoming update with an exclusive collaboration with the McLaren 765LT.

The upcoming collaboration will introduce the McLaren 765LT, the latest in a line of “longtail” McLarens and McLaren Automotive’s most advanced and attractive LT model to date. Here’s all the info you need to know about the McLaren collaboration!

PUBG Battlegrounds Teases A McLaren Collaboration

PUBG and McLaren are collaborating for an upcoming crossover in PUBG Battlegrounds, where you’ll likely get to drive a new McLaren GT in the game.

Today, the official PUBG channel on YouTube shared a new teaser, revealing the upcoming McLaren crossover in PUBG Battlegrounds, which brings at least one new vehicle to the game. The teaser shows an old McLaren transforming into a McLaren GT, which is apparently a new supercar that will soon be added to PUBG Battlegrounds.

Recently, the developers behind PUBG Battlegrounds added a new fast police car to the game with Update 19.1, but it looks like players will still get more surprises towards the new vehicles in PUBG as you can from McLaren crossovers apart from that. can expect anything.

Concerning the fact that the McLaren GT is already a supercar, you can expect it to be the fastest vehicle ever. It’s Unknown Whether The New McLaren Car Is Here To Stay In PUBG Forever.

Currently, an Assassin’s Creed crossover is live in PUBG Battlegrounds, but it seems, with the announcement of the upcoming McLaren collaboration, the AC event should end soon.

More details about the McLaren crossover will be revealed in the near future. While there’s no official confirmation on the new content from this new collaboration, it could be quite interesting if the developer adds a new racing-based event to the game, along with the McLaren crossover.

When it comes to collaboration, PUBG lags far behind its main competitor Fortnite, but when it comes to crossover cosmetics, Crafton has recently been more involved in bringing more crossovers to the game to compete against other battle royale titles in the market. have shown interest.

If Crafton reveals anything new about the McLaren crossover today, we’ll update this post with new information. Similar to previous collaborations, McLaren Crossover will likely bring free-to-play content to the game, but may require you to spend in-game currency if it features a special cosmetic item.

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