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cyberpunk 2077 tips and tricks 2022

With Cyberpunk 2077 finally, speculation gave way to reality, however true or incomplete it was, and now players around the world are playing CD Projekt Red’s latest title. Even though it is “done”, these early weeks have shown that the game is in dire need of attention.

Bugs, glitches, frame rate drops, and complaints about a complete shutdown are some of the issues the community has been mentioning. One thing that has to be gleaned from it is still what everyone expected: a lot has been said about it because so many people have bought it.

Not every player bought it on the day of its release or even after that; And as the new year approaches, more people will be buying the game as updates emerge to fix many issues. With an audience of experienced players and new gamers surrounding the expansion of Cyberpunk, the game can be equally overwhelming for both sides. There’s a lot to keep an eye on from the get-go. So, to help players new to Night City, here are some tips.

Take your time

Our first big tip for playing Cyberpunk 2077? is to take. Your. Time. There is so much to see and do in Night City that the opening hours of your adventure can be downright overwhelming.

There are too many systems and mechanics to wrap your head around from the word Go itself, but don’t worry — things will eventually start to click, once you get used to the constant buzz of this dominating metropolis.

Take your time and enjoy the sightseeing. Take a walk around the block, or jump in your car and just drive while listening to the radio. Before you start wrestling with all those quests and characters, try to immerse yourself in the game world.

Check out all the sensitivity options

Not a fan of how the gameplay feels in Cyberpunk 2077? Having trouble aiming? You may want to check out the game’s many sensitivity options buried in the Settings menu. These options go much deeper than most other games, allowing you to turn around dead zones and check how quickly you want to swing the camera.

Playing with these settings is the best way to find your ideal setup, and if you get it completely wrong, you can always hit the “Reset to default values” button and start over. It’s worth seeing if the game feels a little off too.

loot without restraint

Night City is fully loaded with lootable items. While it’s not quite the same as a game like Fallout, there’s still a lot lying around. Whether it’s weapons, junk, clothing, ammo, grenades, Cyberdeck daemons, or upgrades, it’s all in abundance. Like many RPGs, the number of items just to pick up can be enormous.

Given that the V has limited inventory space, many items begin to lose their appeal. After all, players are likely to be insensitive to the loot choices in the game. Chances are they’ll start ignoring all the money on their feet.

I fell into a similar trap at first, not realizing how useful random loot was. One of my recent searches for Cyberpunk 2077 tips is The Importance of Robbing Everything. However, it is not a means of earning money.

Most of the items you pick up are not going to make you rich. But never fear, because you don’t have to carry these unwanted items around for long. Just pick up everything you find during a gig, open your inventory, and go dismantling.

Don’t get hung up on character creation

Cyberpunk 2077  has incredibly intense and engaging character creation screens. While players are forced to take on the personality of a character named “V”, they are free to create V in any way they see fit.

While there aren’t hyper-specific sliders that players can manipulate to make finite adjustments to the V’s features, there are enough cosmetic options (ie, nose type, eyebrows, hairstyles) to give the V decent variety.

While it’s fun to dive deep into the character building, it’s important not to overdo it. Remember, Cyberpunk 2077 is primarily a first-person game. On top of that, V will most likely be wearing different gear that covers your face. Only when you are interacting with mirrors or reflective surfaces will you see the face of V.

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