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GTA 4 vs GTA 5 | Which is the best one, GTA 4 or GTA 5?

I’ve spent a lot of time playing both GTA IV and V, and I must say, that time was well spent. In fact, if I get another chance to do so, I’m ready to play through both of these games.

After the relatively early release of the PS2 generation, the Grand Theft Auto franchise decided to take longer between entries to create more in-depth open world experiences. Grand Theft Auto 4 came out in 2008, and fans had to wait a full five years before moving to the redesigned Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5.

What would be the yardstick for comparison?

The next generation version of GTA V looks much, much better than GTA IV. However, the Xbox 360 and PS3 version looks quite similar to GTA IV.

GTA IV had a better soundtrack. However, for a game like GTA, having a better OST does not necessarily make a game better.

GTA IV had a very personal story. The game revolved around one, single character, and took the gamer through a journey of struggle, pain and achievement. Though the story very engaging and well designed, there were a lot of aspects that did not feel connected, and added boredom factor to an otherwise brilliant game.

One of the major criticism factors with GTA IV was the often tedious process of building “friendship” with certain NPCs against which the protagonist Nico would gain benefits.

But hey, I actually enjoyed the bonding and banter. GTA need not be a continual driving and killing affair, you can definitely take out some time to become friends with a rastafarian arms dealer or fly choppers with a work out crazy metrosexual guy.

GTA V has three characters, and the game tells us a deeply engaging and entwined tale which involves all of them in variable capacities. At first, I was very skeptical about not having a lone character in a new GTA game, but after beating the game twice, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed living the lives of these three people.

There’s a lot more to do in GTA V than in GTA IV. Simply roaming around the locations can keep the gamer engaged for hours. Whenever I would get stuck in a particular mission, I would just free roam a while before coming back to it.

Last but not the least, I highly recommend playing both games.

Does GTA IV have the superior story compared to GTA V?

The main answer is the ragdoll engine and the physics of this game.

The driving physics of GTA IV is really impressive it’s like driving a real car and you can actually feel the weight of the car while using your controller (not joking). This feature is less realistic in GTA V.

The ragdoll physics is way more impressive.

The story seems to have all types of characters like the funny one, the mob boss and offers more variety than GTA V.

To be honest it’s impossible to type everything here. GTA IV focused more on realism than GTA V. In conclusion GTA IV was far ahead in terms of tech for its time. You’ll understand if you watch this video.

What is the release date of GTA 5 and 4?

GTA V was released in 17th September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in 18th November 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in 14th April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

GTA IV was released in 29th April 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and in 2nd December 2008 for Microsoft Windows.

Which GTA is more realistic, GTA 5 or GTA 4?

I have to say GTA 4. It’s focused around one single town, you don’t have large open areas like in San Andreas or GTA 5.

And the cars handle a lot more realistic! Also, the damage is more realistic! The ragdol physics are more realistic. The behavior of NPC’s is more realistic.

And with ENB added to the game you really get a nice photorealistic gameplay. Some mods can actually trick you that you are watching a real movie, not a video game gameplay!

Which GTA is better than GTA 5?

When everyone said San Andreas is great, I tried. I was new to gaming and tried it in 2013. So basically I tried an old game very late during the age of Uncharted.

After playing other games, when I started playing San Andreas, I felt that I could not handle the controls, it felt crappy. I am not saying anything bad about the game, my point is that you should play a game at your age.

When a game becomes old, it will be very difficult for you to play it in the new era. Only those who have enjoyed playing once will find it more spectacular in the next playthrough, but that doesn’t go along with playing the old game with the new one.

I didn’t give up with GTA because everyone was praising the series so much. I started playing GTA 4. I was really bad, not able to complete the missions where you need to chase a boy in car/bike and kill them.

I tried and tried and tried and succeeded. The game just pulled me in that I couldn’t put it aside. With GTA games becoming popular with excellent storylines, GTA 4 got a very deep, deep and wonderful story.

Then I decided to buy GTA V. I thought it was a complete master piece and amazing to play. But there is a difference, it didn’t satisfy me as much as GTA 4 did. Maybe GTA 4 was my first GTA game, or GTA V didn’t have a compelling story (although it was pretty cool).

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