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Free Fire Best Gun Skins all time

There are many gun skins given in Garena Free Fire and to win the match, the player needs the best of these guns, players do not use the gun skin just to make the gun full of power, the player needs to show the Gun skin. And if the gun with better skin, then the player enjoys.

Out of all the properties of free fire, we have extracted some special properties skin for the player, using which the player can win the match easily. To win the match only skill is not needed and no matter how well the player plays but he does not have gun skin then the match will look incomplete.

Keeping all these things in mind, let’s start the list of the best gun skins of free fire.

best gun skin in free fire

The best gun skin of free fire can have many types of guns which include sniper, shotgun, firing gun etc. And the information of the best gun of these is given below.

1. Best M1014 Gun Skin

Free Fire Best Gun Skins all time

M1014 Green Flame Draco : m1014 green flame draco This will be the best gun for hitting headshots. There is single damage and double rate of fire inside this gun and this gun performs well in the match.

The damage of this gun is 25 on the chest and up to 140 on the head. Because of this every player likes to play this gun very much, the skin of this gun looks very good and it can be used very fast.

2. Best mp40 Skin in free fire

Free Fire Best Gun Skins all time

MP40 POKER SKIN: mp40 poker skin is the best gun skin which every free fire player likes to use and the speciality of this gun is in its better performance and its beautiful skin which is very much liked by every player.

MP40 Flashing Spade


  • Damage: “++”
  • Fire rate: “+”
  • Range: “-“

3. Unicorn’s Rage Ak Gun Skin in Free Fire

Free Fire Best Gun Skins all time

Ak- Unicorn’s rage (golden Era) : The golden Era is a great gun and it is a collection of Unicorn’s rage series of free fire. Let’s talk about the look of this quality, it is a very good golden fire gun.

There are many benefits to equipping the new Unicorn Rage (Golden ERA) AK. As the new skin doubles the accuracy and damage, enemies can be killed easily. These things make enemies fall in just half the bullets than before.

4. M1887 Tropical Parrot Attributes

Free Fire Best Gun Skins all time

The M1887 Winterlands is the only M1887 skin that provides extra speed. This skin also provides additional shooting range, but is actually less effective for the M1887 which is basically a melee weapon.

Even though it has ‘Theme Skin’ stats, which means there is no ‘Double Plus’ buff, still, it is one of the most popular skins on this weapon.


Free Fire Best Gun Skins all time

The M4A1 GRIFFIN FURY is a very valuable gun screen and every free fire player has heard a lot about this gun, which talks about the good performance of the gun. M4A1 Griffins Fury is a rare gun skin that can only be obtained at certain times.

This gun skin was first released in March 2020 at the Bullseye event along with the M4A1 Purple Griffin skin. To get it, Survivors can spin during the event starting with 9 Diamonds.

  • Rate of Fire++
  • Range+
  • Reload Speed-

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