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best ways to make money in GTA Online in 2022

Grinding and making money will always be the primary objective of GTA Online players. Whether it was for fast cars, expensive homes, or luxurious yachts, money was, and always will be, the X-factor. The game offers several ways to make petty cash.

There are a number of ways players can earn big bucks, especially after the Criminal Enterprise update. From pulling off contract missions to delivering special cargo, this article focuses on five ways to make money in GTA Online in 2022.

Capture Bounty Targets

Yes, you read it right – not murder, but capture. GTA Online has a bounty feature, which gives you multiple targets to tame or kill. Maud will help you, the same mod from GTA V. She will send you a picture of the target and their general location.

All you have to do is bring a melee weapon, like a nightstick, and beat them until they surrender. Take the target back to Maude’s Caravan and you’ll earn yourself GTA $10,000. If you had chosen to hit the target instead, you would only earn half.

Time Trials

Players can earn some quick easy cash from this free-roam race against the clock. Players can seek out running time trial programs and test their driving skills. Players can get around $50,000 worth of in-game currency just through driving in a few minutes.

This week GTA Online RC is offering a huge $100,000 reward for completing the Bandito Time Trail. Though driving an RC vehicle in GTA can be quite difficult but it can be the easiest way to earn such huge cash.


GTA $1,165,000 to GTA $2,375,000

Buying a warehouse may be the best option for you. You can buy a warehouse from your CEO’s office, and you can choose between a small, medium or large warehouse.

On the other hand, choosing the largest warehouse is usually the best option.

As single-player, you can sell nine crates at once, which should fetch you GTA $126,000. However, you can source these crates for GTA $2,000 each, so the profit margin is easy to calculate.

Vehicle Cargo

Potential profit: $200,000 per hour
Prerequisites: Office (minimum cost: $1 million), warehouse (minimum cost: $250,000) member of organization (CEO)

Buying more crates at once saves time, especially if you have friends to help you collect them and deliver them to your warehouse. The more crates you sell at once, the more money you make per crate, so a large, complete warehouse is ideal for building and selling.

On the other hand, larger warehouses are more expensive to buy, and there is more risk than selling 111 crates at once because you will either make $2.2 million or lose everything.


The nightclub itself is one of the GTA Online passive income-generating businesses, but that’s not the primary reason to buy it.

This company assists in the management of all other MC companies, bunkers, and vehicle and cargo warehouses.

Players can hire technicians for any of their five occupations, making the re-supply completely inactive. Players only need to complete a single sales mission for all of their products when using Nightclub. Nightclub is working:

  • Pharmaceutical Research (Meth Lab)
  • South American Imports (Coke Lockup)
  • Printing and Copying (Document Forgery)
  • Sporting Goods (Bunker)Cash Creation (Counterfeit Cash Factory)
  • Cargo and Shipments (CEO Warehouse)
  • Organic Produce (Weed Farm)

Vehicle Cargo

Vehicle Cargo Mission can be accessed by registering as CEO. Setting up a vehicle cargo warehouse is also a great way to earn a good amount of cash in a short span of time. And the funny thing is, the missions themselves are pretty straightforward.

You locate a car and choose to sell it to the customer. You may have to face a few enemies, but they are easy to handle as long as you don’t damage the car. Selling a collection of cars can also give you huge profits.

What is great about it:

  • Great for players starting out
  • Easy income with minimum difficulties
  • Enjoyable missions
  • Can access special vehicle cargo missions

How much can you earn:

  • $15,000-$80,000 profit for every car depending on car class

Walk with Chop

Chop, Lamar and then Franklin’s dog is a loyal, horny and sadistic dog. He’s not only good for attacking anyone you point your cross hair at and sending you annoying notifications about his appetite in the iFruit app, but also useful for sniffing out Chop treasures and other collectibles Is.

When not on a mission, head to Franklin’s backyard and walk around town. If you do this for 10 minutes without getting anything, I will… live my life like I never said that.

Business Battles

This week, business battles pay triple, and the best part about it is that you don’t need to top-up anything as they happen in the free mode session. However, you’ll need to be in a public session with multiple people to activate the mode. To start a business fight, follow these steps:

  • Join a new public session and go outside
  • On your screen, a prompt regarding a Business Battle will show up

In Business Battles, you usually compete with other players to steal different types of cargo that you can use for their nightclub warehouse. Many types of commercial battles are required to access, steal, and distribute a variety of nightclub warehouse goods, such as cargo, weapons, and products (cocaine, meth, weed, counterfeit cash, and counterfeit documents), as well as As well as requiring special event cargo. ,

Dominating these battles will surely earn you a lot of money later. So, you better strategize and conquer them.

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