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Best Minecraft mods for survival

There are thousands of mods out there, each serving a different purpose. They can change the whole game or just add small features. Mods can add new mobs, biomes, mechanics and more. And with so many mods available on the internet, choosing the right mod can be difficult. In this article, we’ll go through the 10 great mods that all players should add to their next mod survival world.

Minecraft is a game that gives players an almost unlimited amount of hours of content, with regular updates to the game. Although the game is already massive, it is relatively simple at its premise, meaning there is a natural desire to add more to the game.

1. OptiFine

OptiFine is one of the best Minecraft mods if you have a low-end gaming PC. The mod improves the graphics of the game without impacting on performance. Furthermore, you have the freedom to change the custom settings based on your preferences.

If you’re lucky, you might even get double the normal framerates, without mods. Apart from this, you will get better lighting and textures to enhance the visuals of the game. Overall, it takes the Minecraft game experience to a whole new level.

2. Minecolonies

If you are in the mood for a simulation experience, you should download Minicolonies. The mod changes the whole game by adding a huge colony for you. Essentially, you become the head of the city.

You have to plan the entire structure of the colony, as well as defend against monsters. In addition, there are NPCs available and you have to manage their daily lives. The fact that Minecraft is able to switch genres thanks to mods makes it one of the best games you can play today.

3. Journeyman

This mod is almost essential in nature if you want to get better at Minecraft. Basically, this is one of the best Minecraft mods you can install. While there is a mini-map in minecraft, it doesn’t help much as the game world is huge. With JourneyMap, you get a real-time map that will show you all that your minecraft world has to offer.

You can operate it similar to Google Maps with 3D view. You can also open the map through a web browser. Also, if you have installed other mods with storylines, you will have to travel a lot. In such situations, this mode is essential, to say the least.

4. Gravestones

I can’t be the only fool who died too far from my spawn point or at least close enough that I could get there in time, but forgot the instructions for the original spawn.

The days of wandering around the map, asking for directions or trying to cheat out of the blue are over with Gravestone Mode.

The gravestone will not only drop an odd looking cobblestone and dirt combo at the place of death, but will also provide precise coordinates and save all of your belongings inside the drop.

Reach the gravestone, smash it with your fist and pick up where you left off!

5. Carry On

This is for a practical Minecraft. I’ve always hated it when I can’t get my dog ​​to sit where I want them to, when a patch of grass grows up on the wrong side of the block — and doesn’t even get me started when I fill a 32-item double chest.

Carry On will be your best friend if you’re easily triggered like me, allowing you to pick up the full item in your current position, saving you the trouble of wasting time trying to get lucky again .

Do your best Enderman impersonation and take off!

What is the best Minecraft survival mod?

Over the years, Minecraft has established its major gamemode: Survival. A relatively trivial test of skill that requires its players to gather resources and ward off hostile monsters during the night. This lovely blocky experience has established itself as the most popular game by creating a gameplay loop that many can rely on to never change despite ever-increasing updates and additions.

At its core, Minecraft creates an environment where you survive. So today, we are going to talk about some of the best ways to enhance the survival experience. Whether it’s reworking the food system, or adding entirely new challenges, there’s a lot of cool community-generated content out there. lets start!

Dynamic Lights:

Being able to see what you’re going through is helpful when trying to survive.

Unfortunately, Minecraft’s vanilla approach to lighting isn’t perfect.

That means things can go dark when you don’t really want them.

After all, darkness is where the danger lies.

Dynamic Lights reshape objects that glow in Minecraft, lighting up their surroundings when they are equipped, after being dropped on the ground, or even with other players.

Needless to say, the world is a much brighter place with this mod installed!

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