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5 tips to improve aim and recoil control in PUBG Mobile Lite

All the Pubg mobile lite players want to improve their own game play, to play the best game, some things have to be taken care of, like how the setting of your game is kept and a lot happens, so today we have brought some 5 tips for you. If you follow then your game play will definitely be better.

Sensitivity settings – What is the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile Lite?

Our first tip is Sensitivity settings, until you fix this setting, you will not have complete control in the game. After this setting, you will get to see a lot of improvement in your game play, the game sensitivity will be much better, due to which your gaming experience will be much better.

Sensitivity is a topic in PUBG Mobile that most people do not understand. Depending on this factor there are many things to do with your aim, such as scoping, dragging, target tracing and specifically retracting.

If you are not playing with proper sensitivity then it doesn’t matter how good you are with the skill but it will not fully utilize the reason for your gameplay because all the above factors will matter. So you can find that there are lots of videos in youtube regarding this. But believe my friend no one can tell you that sensitivity varies with the type of device you use.

As we all know that iOS device touch works far better than Android device. But the closest I can suggest to you is sensitivity as I said the closest you can get to rest is just fine with your own experience and training.

5 tips to improve aim and recoil control in PUBG Mobile Lite

Control layout – How do you change controls on PUBG Lite?

As you might have noticed, a lot of buttons are concentrated on the right hand side and thus it was not easy, atleast for me, to efficiently exploit the jump, crouch and prone functions efficiently. Thus, I switched to 4 fingers and pushed my crouch and prone to the top-right corner and used them with my right index finger. My layout was

5 tips to improve aim and recoil control in PUBG Mobile Lite

Practice – How do I practice in PUBG?

If you want to practice pubg without loosing your rank then play Arcade. Arcade is made for the purpose that people practice through it without loosing their rank. You will see many positive effects after playing it like paying war in arcade increases your reaction time, quick match has a experience of the game etc.

Playing arcade will improve your skills, reaction time, weapons mastery etc. Yeah its time is too low about 8 minutes but its benefits are more then you think. Play arcade more and more to become a pro player.

Improve game sense – how to improve game sense in pubg

why do you want to bypass the emulator detection? If you are playing on keyboard and mouse, it make sense to play with people who are using keyboard and mouse.

I would suggest to improve your game by learning / watching other pro player instead of killing mobile player with keyboard and mouse and feeling better about yourself. Its cheating!

How I can use PUBG Mobile gyroscope controls to improve aiming?

Gyro is a double-edged sword. This can be very useful but at the same time it can also downgrade your gameplay. I strongly do not recommend the gyro to players who are good without it.

For example: if you reach Ace or Conqueror without it then no need. But if you are the kind of player who reaches for Diamond or Crown or even less and want to improve your game then go for it. Gyro uses the accelerometer in your phone and uses it in games without touching the screen.

Gyro can reduce recoil significantly. Gyro can be used if you prefer to load the M416 fully with 6x, then gyro is the way to go. I don’t recommend using it if like to sneak into compounds that are killing noob campers out there.

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