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Top Java seeds for building in Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft 1.19 is a huge update in terms of world generation, adding both mangrove swamps and ancient cities in deep darkness. However, there have been more extensive updates in terms of total content added, such as 1.16, which saw a massive overhaul of the Netherlands, including the addition of turrets, piglins and Minecraft’s best song, Pigstep.

1.19 With the addition of new biomes, players who want to experience them will need to travel to an entirely new part of their current world, generated with new codes, or a new one with a set or random seed. the world will begin. This will ensure that new content can be included all over the world.

Ten best seeds to try out in Minecraft 1.19 2022

Village survival island

Seed code: 43664882

This seed spawns players near quite a unique island. While the island appears to have a villager, there is no land outside what the village has produced directly, making the island relatively thin and narrow.

Thankfully, the village is born with a single tree, which means users will have access to renewable wood resources. There is also a blacksmith in the village to help progress.

While this seed doesn’t have instant access to any of the new 1.19 features, it offers a fun and unique way to experience a living world trapped between villagers in the middle of an ocean.

Triple blacksmith village spawn

The seed is: -183412789913619791

This seed gives rise to players with three blacksmiths inside a tundra village. These blacksmiths would give them much-needed loot, which could be used on the many structures found beneath the village.

There are two connected ancient cities, a citadel and a ruined portal that places users in the remains of a citadel, which are linked by a lower fortress, all directly below the spawn village.

This makes this seed quite rich in resources and easy to complete, meaning gamers can quickly jump into the building-focused half of Minecraft, if they wish.

Mangrove Mountain Cove (41000080)

This Minecraft seed plunges players into a wind-swept savanna biome, but the real treasure is at (X:25, Z:-175). At those coordinates, players can find a gorgeous water cove surrounded by mountains.

Even better, a few steps away from the cove, players will find a mangrove swamp biome for mangroves and clay blocks. The cove’s natural terrain makes it an ideal location for building a grand base or ornamental construction.

Thanks to this seed’s biome placement, players should be able to earn all the materials needed to build a great structure within the cove’s waters.

Natural Moat

Players roam a small forested island in this Minecraft seed. It is surrounded by a small river, which is separated from any large body of water. Due to the way the terrain is built, players can clear Forest Island at spawn time and build an impressive castle using the nearby river as a moat.

If players need more stone blocks, there are hills adjacent to the river that offer plenty of mining opportunities. Once it’s lit enough with the right blocks, this isolated island should keep hostile hordes away, making it a welcoming place for players.

Mountain Plains Meadow (7229962402130211473)

This seed provides an excellent hybrid for Minecraft builders who love the plains biome. A nice, gentle field rests on the biome spawn, which is surrounded by a large ring of mountains. A small river also flows from one side of these mountains, where it provides water when needed.

Players can harvest wood and stone around them and have a vast flat land to build upon once they have the materials. They can also be built on top of mountains if they wish, as they in themselves provide a much larger surface area.

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