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Top 10 best Video Game Remasters, Ranked in 2022

Being a medium that is always undergoing change, it is very easy for video games to get “outdated”. One of the ways game publishers deal with these ever-growing games is by repurposing them, which, if done exceptionally well, can look years younger than what it really is. In other cases, games are simply built from the ground up, which is a more time-consuming process.

1. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Square Enix made some awesome remasters, like Final Fantasy VII and VIII, so Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age was a pleasant surprise. Of course, the developers didn’t bother to improve the low-res PS2 textures.

Nonetheless, they have added support for high definition resolution and 60 frames per second mode. Even the interface has been improved, as it now features crystal-clear 2D graphics. Moreover, the excellent design helps in holding the game well.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

When Grand Theft Auto V hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a stunning remastered version, it brought much more than just modified visuals. Rockstar also added in a ton of new plant and animal life so that previously barren areas feel full of movement. On top of that, there’s a first-person mode that works 100% of the game, meaning players can see through their characters’ eyes and take the time to appreciate the world’s most subtle details.

The interiors of the renovated vehicle provide stellar perspectives, and it’s pretty wild to see your character dipping under the dash to get out of the way of bullets while driving in first person. The multiplayer mode has also expanded greatly, and as of April 2019, Rockstar is still dropping new weapons, vehicles, game modes, and other exciting features regularly. If you haven’t checked it out since GTA V’s last-gen launch, you should definitely consider coming back to try the noir-style murder mystery sidequests or the online-only gunrunning activity. If nothing else, you’ll probably enjoy the updated soundtrack.

3. Metro 2033 & Last Light Redux 

Atmosphere is important to the horror genre; If a movie or game fails to set up a tense and anxious mood, it probably won’t be able to deliver any tangible scares down the line. While they may not be solidly placed in the realm of horror as they feature everything from massive action setpieces to tense and drawn-out political controversies, Metro Redux Games has created an impenetrably thicket of grief and heartache.

environment is set up. Sure, running from mutants in abandoned and possibly haunted subway tunnels is scary enough, but, while the Redux versions don’t offer all that much in terms of notable graphical enhancements, they’re even more immersive than the already shaky realistic original.

4. Turtles In Time: ReShelled

In theory a perfect remaster should be one that not only celebrates what was great about the original, but one who fixes mistakes, rectifies bugs and brings down the lowest points in line with the rest of the experience. Turtles in Time: Trying to do this again, but by attempting to fix a problem that many people hadn’t really thought of one, turns out to be worse as a result.

Moving the game from 2D to 3D gave us a major graphical update, but also the option to attack in multiple directions instead of a flat horizontal plane. This simplified the gameplay a lot but unfortunately it turned out to be something terrible with the lively nature of the animations.

5.  Jill’s Scenario

The characters Chris and Jill originally served as the game’s main difficulty choices. It not only offers two different stories to experience, but also different gameplay mechanics, and depending on which of the characters you choose, you’ll have an easy or a very difficult time escaping the mansion. It’s all kept intact on top of a new real difficulty option in this 2002 remake. However, Jill’s scenario still remains the best for new players.

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