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Top 5 best Strategy Games for PC in 2022

The best strategy games let us rule nations, raise vast civilizations from the ground up, put our own twist on history, and let us… take the entire continent of Europe as farmer kids from the Faroe Islands. That last one may be exclusive to Crusader Kings 3, but, listen, no judgment here. It’s up to you how you spend your time among the best strategy games available to play today.

1. Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of the Solar Empire 4X captures some of the scope of the strategy game but works within the RTS framework. It’s a game about star-spanning empires that rise, freeze, and fall in the space of noon: and, more specifically, about the moment when those empires’ giant capital ships hyperspace above a half-burning world. Exit from Diplomacy is also an option, of course, but also: giant spaceships. Play the Rebellion expansion to grow said spaceship to ridiculous proportions.


In our Endless Legends review, we praised a 4X game that seamlessly blends fantasy and science fiction, pitting astronauts pitted against magical dragon people in the most striking hex-based world ever Is. Varied, grand, it looks almost tangible, like you can reach out and pick up one of the elaborate cities and take it in your hands. “Don’t worry, citizens. We won’t let the dreaded man-eating insects swallow you and your family,” we whisper in our clenched palms.

3. OpenXcom

Indeed, UFOs are fraught with troubles. Fortunately, there’s now OpenXCOM, which takes the game apart and put it back together again with a new code base designed to run on modern computers. It also means that it’s free of all the annoying bugs and limitations that made the original played, and you can modify it.

You can still buy the original if you really want to, but OpenXcom is definitely a more enjoyable experience in 2020. Sure, the 2020 Firaxis remake is even better, but when you’re in the thick of a terrorist mission, the Chryslid seemingly popping out of walls, or those last hours when you finally seem able to fight aliens, X- There is nothing like com. Not even XCOM.

4. Northguard

If you’ve ever played a strategy game, you’re probably familiar with the Age of Empires-type RTS, which built a civilization out of nothing to eventually take it to war. Northgard it is, but with the Vikings. The Vikings aren’t just a replaceable people – Northgard is special because of them. You need to deal with the harsh weather in Scandinavia as well as its dangerous wildlife.

Clans have different skills and battle chiefs, and thus play out differently, but this is not a game just about war. You are asked to help your clan grow by doing quests, and you can win just as easily by trading and making your clan indispensable to the Viking economy. Thus, Northguard is a tribute to the famous RTS games and the development of their systems.

5. Total War series

The strategy genre with the focus on controlling armies is where we find many great historical games. Pedants can feast on historical inaccuracies while we send Genghis Khan galloping through the Yucatan. The Total War series ranks with the best of these historical games, and could very well have its own ranking list.

The revolutionary ROM Total War (recently remastered), newer, more sophisticated releases like Shogun 2, and even Warhammer iterations, are arguably the best games in the series. Whichever version you go for, it’s hard to go wrong with Total War’s classic gameplay – you switch between a turn-based strategy mode to see a massive map and real-time control of thousands of warring soldiers.

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