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God of War tips and tricks

A good set of essential God of War tips will make Atreus an arrow-slinging master shooter while simultaneously intimidating and revering Kratos a true warrior god.

All kinds of bosses, robbers, monsters, labyrinths, treasures and traps to explore, not to mention a series of puzzles that divide them, are important to know when you pick up the Blades of the God of War.

What are you doing. If you want to master the world of Viking mythology, we have everything you need to know with our essential God of War tips.

How to make the best use of Atreus in combat

Kratos’ son Atreus isn’t just a traveling friend in God of War, he’s useful for combat and for learning more about the world around you. When you tap the square aiming at any enemy in the center of the screen, he attacks primarily with his bow and arrow.

Initially he doesn’t do that much damage but continues to upgrade his abilities and he will soon be able to stun and kill monsters. He can strangle enemies to weaken and deter them, and unleash a series of magic attacks to upgrade him as much as Kratos to make him a good fighter.

Choose the right runes for the occasion

You should at least change the runes you equip before every major battle: some are inherently more advantageous than others in certain situations. Some will stagger or stun enemies, which is useful for dealing with swarms of smaller enemies, while others will deal heavy AoE damage or allow you to receive bursts of health. Don’t forget to tweak the Atreus capabilities as well.

Wandering Doesn’t Mean You’re Lost

If you’re having a hard time, take the advice of an atres and get off the beaten path of the area you’re in. For example, Lake Nine has a one-ton hidden area accessible by boat.

Do some exploration, and you could very well walk away with some rare armor, enchantments, runic attacks, or Ax pommels. Plus, Hacksilver for extra XP and better armor for more skills!

Buy and Upgrade Armor

Like XP, don’t be stingy with Hacksilver. Since XP doesn’t affect your strength, all your stats are dependent on your gear. You can tell by the green (positive) or red (negative) triangles that appear next to the level in the shop menu whether a new piece of armor or upgrade will positively or negatively affect Kratos’ level.

Note that most armor can be upgraded (for much less than what it costs for the initial purchase), but they will eventually reach a limit. For this reason, you may want to focus on buying or finding a set of armor to upgrade based solely on your stat preferences – then wait for more armor to become available as the story goes on and on buying a new set. Continue to upgrade as better levels become available.

Don’t Neglect Atreus

We don’t mean literally, but rather pay attention to his equipment and skills like Kratos. His armor gives him additional abilities that will help you in battle, such as passing you healthstones or giving you opportunities to do extra damage.

Purchasing your skill also makes Atreus more useful and active in combat. Also, Atreus’ stuff is usually much cheaper to buy than Kratos, so get it. If you wait, you’ll regret it, and with enough skill and gear invested in it, he’ll become one of the most useful tools in your arsenal.

Axe throws are Your Friend

Your Leviathan ax can sway during both light or heavy attacks. This move is necessary for survival in the early hours of God of War, which can do a lot of damage before you close the place to finish the kill.

A massive throw will also freeze some enemies, which can be useful for crowd control, while you pounce on some poor Draugar (an undead creature from Norse mythology) with your fist. Upgrades for Leviathan X Throw are among the more valuable benefits to obtain early in the game, and they are well worth the XP investment.

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