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TOP 5 best Minecraft 1.19 seeds for loot

Minecraft seeds are a numerical code that represents the foundation of your world. When creating a new Minecraft adventure, you can type a seed to either control the type of world you’re born in, or maybe type in some random digits and see what you get.

No matter what kind of starting area you prefer, there is bound to be a seed for you; There are crooked icebergs, high cliffs, villages spread far and wide. Some seeds will present a challenge, others are ideal for new players. We’ve got some gorgeous views too.

1. Mountain Cove & Mangrove

You have landed in this world on a mountain range of windswept savanna peaks. To your right, there should be a river winding inland. If you follow the river, you will soon discover mangrove swamps. But what makes this seed one of the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds is the naturally born ‘cove’.

There is a small part of the ocean surrounded by high mountain peaks. It’s perfect for builders or anyone who loves ocean biomes. The seed also has not one but two ocean monuments within traveling distance. Furthermore, cutting through the mangrove swamps, you will reach a savannah village.

2. Sculk in Stronghold

We’re halfway there, and now we have a special pace for you. Its main feature is that it forms a citadel just above an ancient city. Because of that, you get a rare sight where features of the two structures begin to emerge in each other’s spots.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also find a rare end portal in this citadel, which has two entrances instead of one. It may not make much difference but this kind of phenomenon is difficult to find in other seeds.

3. Jagged Peaks

A tiny seed that produces you right in the middle of a huge mountain range. You’ll find yourself on the outer edge of a ring of jagged, snow-capped mountains that wrap around a verdant crater valley.

On the east side of this valley, you’ll see a convenient cave entrance that lets you into the mountains, but if you’re brave enough to climb the peaks, you’ll find that they are a great source of iron. and coal. If you go west and go beyond the mountains, you will find another huge cave entrance which is worth visiting.

4. Border Village Between Biomes

This Minecraft seed has a little bit of everything in Minecraft Updates 1.19. It originates at the crossroads bordering the surrounding forest, forest and badland biome (X: -250, Z: -150). The village in this spawn is also slightly larger than the players normally would.

Being close to the Badlands biome also provides opportunities to locate mineshafts for XP and loot. Traveling to the village may take some time but once players reach there, they will have enough supplies for their survival and building needs.

5. Portal to the Nether Fortress

Like the seed before, it will take you to a village that also has a ruined portal. Fixing it and going through it this time takes you to the bottom of the Netherland fortress.

Fortresses in the Netherlands are the only places where Blaze and Wither skeletons are produced. In their hall there is sometimes a treasury with useful items. If you are looking for Netherland adventures, this could be the seed for you.

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