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PUBG loot locations : The best places to drop and loot

The original arena, the PUBG Erangel map, was the first map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and remains a favorite for many fans and players.

Jungles, coastal cities, rivers and those terrifying open grasslands to explore, it’s a staple of the PUBG experience and totally understandable when you’re dropping in for a firefight. Since being remastered, here is everything you need to know about the PUBG Erangel map and how to master it for yourself.

The best PUBG loot locations, despite the ever-changing nature of flight paths and accessible drop zones, remain the same, and generally have the same things in common between them: lots of loot, lots of players, lots of opportunities for you. To be killed before it even begins.

Best PUBG loot locations for that elusive chicken dinner

If you want to compete with the top players, you’ll need to explore these areas before you can do so. Take a look at the list below to find the best PUBG loot locations to stand a fighting chance.


An 8×8 map, Erangel was PubG’s first map. It has a vast amount of diversity in terms of terrain. From tufted buildings to hills to completely open grassy areas that can leave your opponent wide open for a beautiful smooth sniper shot.

Erangel introduced the battle royale gameplay of PUBG to the world. While the origins of the loot itself may be random, the locations of Erangel’s loot have become infamous for sheer chaos and violence.

That being said, Erangel is still an absolute pleasure to play. Here is a list of (in)famous loot places in Erangel.

1. Sosnovka Military Base

Landing at Erangel’s Sosnovka Military Base is the definition of high risk, high reward. If you’re a beginner, avoid landing on a military base. Intermediate and pro players usually jump at the chance to find themselves in a military base because the quality and quantity of loot are among the best in the game.

If you want to leave here, be prepared for violence. Unless most players have armor, weapons, and gun violence, you’ll have to make split-second decisions between finding or hiding loot.

2. Pochinki

If you want to understand the chaotic nature of the game or need some practice before heading out, Pochinki works well. You can also travel and skim through some of the buildings in Pochinki for some extra gear or to replace a weapon. However, whenever you step into Pochinki, you can be sure to face at least two to three high-ranking opponents.

The only time I can wholeheartedly recommend Pochinki is if you’re a ranked player looking to challenge yourself. Also, if you have a bit of a good team and get along well with the other members, give Pochinki a shot.

3. Hospital

The Hospital-Georgopol-Krets area is connected in all respects. The best place is probably the hospital – the H-shaped building to the south of the city – as there is a huge amount of loot that is just below military-grade, packed into the various corridors here, which makes it difficult to take out a full squad. enough for.

The container, or makes, in the east of the city is the next best place to go. A handful of warehouses are the places to start, then work your way through the containers—and most importantly on top of them—to nab a lot of good loot. Again, a squad can stock a lot here.

4. Mylta Power

A personal favorite, the East Coast’s Mylta Power is a drop-to-drop to get along flight path. Thanks to its position, it’s also way closer to Mylta Power than it is to a military base, mansion, prison, and Novorepnoy, which are all more popular choices – and often turn players away from the power plant.

The loot here is occasionally of military grade, though not so much. If you’re falling here, aim directly at the roof of the big rectangular green building, clear it, then go to the warehouses around it to finish the sweep.

Mini Power has a very small location nearby. A single, unusual power plant structure with a few outhouses around it, the top floor often houses sniper equipment and we’ve often found level 3 gear here as well.

Usually only one or two players is enough, so if you’re on a team it should be combined with a tour of somewhere else (like the main power plant!). Beware the evil players though – we often find one or two strugglers in the front when we rob ourselves.

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