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5 Mobile Games That Are Actually Good

Searching for the best Android games isn’t easy, and free-to-play titles probably aren’t the first to come to mind when hunting for quality titles. Still, there are some excellent free-to-play mobile games out there if you know where to look, which is why Android Police has compiled a list of our favorites.

If you have no idea which games you can play at home, here is a list of the most exciting games that you can start on a mobile phone.

The top 5 games to play on your phone right now

For many people, mobile games don’t really have a great reputation. Thanks to a bombardment of in-game ads and bleeding out of players’ pockets, it’s no surprise that many in the gaming community turn their noses up at smartphone games.

1. Legends of Runeterra

Riot has recently launched some games on Android. Legends of Rantera is a digital collectible card game inspired by Magic: The Gathering. Riot chose to lower the barrier to entry for the genre in Legends of Rantera (as MTG can be difficult to obtain after decades of expansion and rule changes), meaning it is an accessible CCG, with Includes new cards and game modes. Time to keep things fresh.

When it comes to digital CCGs, balance is key, especially for free players, and thankfully, Legends of Runterra is welcoming players who don’t want to spend any cash for its generous rewards. Legends of Runterra is a competitive CCG that is well balanced, making it an excellent title for today’s free-to-play roundup.

2. Among Us

Somehow, I suspect an introduction is needed between us. While it was released in 2018 without fanfare, it was not until 2020 that the game made a splash. Thanks to a flurry of streamers promoting it, people realized it was an enjoyable party game.

It is best played with multiple friends, so it supports 5-10 players at a time for each match. If you enjoy co-op party games and have a group of like-minded friends, there’s a lot of fun among us without money – those IAPs are just for skins, hats and pets.

3. A Zelda-Inspired Realm

Genshin Impact (Android,iOS) is a great example of what a mobile game can really be. It was released in 2020 for consoles, PCs and smartphones, and despite playing on a smaller screen with limited control options, the mobile version doesn’t feel lacking.

This open-world RPG has it all: magic, mystery, gorgeous art, interesting characters, and controversial gacha mechanics. Just remember that you can have a blast in Genshin Impact for free without spending any real money. Take turns changing characters and fighting styles, peruse the lush landscape for content, or climb a hill to see what might happen there.

4. Subway Surfers

Since we are on the topic of iconic endless runners, we have to mention the signature city runners known as subway surfers. The young graffiti artists featured in the game are tasked with surviving as they navigate every inch of their large city.

The game’s bright and bubbly exterior makes it pretty much all-approachable to young gamers, which is part of the reason why it still holds a good position within the rankings of top games in the App Store and Google Play storefronts. Now, where’s our hoverboard?

5. Cytoid: A Community Rhythm Game

A very different option is Cytoid, subtitled as “A Community Rhythm Game” with a Guitar Hero/Let’s Dance approach.

All you have to do with this game is tap the screen when the circles appear. Sometimes, you need to slide your finger along the path shown. Whatever happens, you play to the music, a fun techno soundtrack that moves you through the game.

The increased accuracy lets you move on and progress to the next level, where things get even more challenging.

Cytoid is available for free and with no ads or in-app purchases, which is impressive considering how it is one of the unique mobile games available.

Which is the No 1 mobile game in world?

According to Wikipedia: Most-played mobile games by player count

Game As of Downloads Release date Publisher(s) Ref.
PUBG Mobile August 2021 1,120 million March 19, 2018 Tencent / Krafton [2][3][4]
Pokémon Go February 2019 1,000 million December 13, 2016 Niantic / The Pokémon Company [5]
Subway Surfers December 2019 1,000 million May 24, 2012 SYBO Games [6]
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang November 2020 1,000 million November 9, 2016 Moonton [7]
Garena Free Fire July 2021 1,000 million November 24, 2017 Garena [8]
Clash of Clans September 2020 500 million August 2, 2012 Supercell [9]
Fruit Ninja August 2013 500 million April 21, 2010 Halfbrick Studios [10]
Candy Crush Saga November 2017 500 million April 12, 2012 King [11]

This is a list of the most played mobile games ranked by their number of players, including downloads, registered accounts and/or monthly active users.