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100 tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile in 2022

If you want to play and improve your skills, we have a guide for you. Here are some valuable PUBG tips and tricks for 2022 that can help you win Chicken Dinner. There are over 100 tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile.

The best way to play like a pro is to watch and learn from the pros. There are plenty of YouTube channels dedicated entirely to PUBG Mobile and many of them contain pro gameplay tips and tricks.

Looting in PUBG Mobile

You have to be very skilled when it comes to loot. Make quick decisions and don’t waste too much time collecting things. It’s best to keep moving while grabbing items you see and throwing them that you don’t need later in the game. When there are enemies around you, quickly grab a weapon and protection.


Handling ammunition can be challenging. Collect all kinds of ammunition during the first minutes of the game until you find a good set of weapons suitable for you. You’ll need to dump unnecessary ammunition out of your pocket to make room for other items.

We also recommend that you mark all the ammunition you have lost if your teammates find it useful. Keep track of the amount of ammo you carry and keep looting enemy boxes as the game progresses. Also, be sure to reload the weapon to avoid delays between battles.

Use the Best Graphics Setting

PUBG Mobile is a resource-intensive game. Most flagship phones and tablets should offer you the latest graphics. We recommend that you set the setting to Smooth with the maximum frame rate available for your device.

90 fps is the highest setting, which makes the game fairly fluid. Of course, you need a phone or tablet with a refresh rate of 90Hz or higher. The high frame rate means the game can react to your instructions quickly.


PUBG Mobile is much more than shootouts and blasts. You have to be very careful with hiding enemies, especially those who like to camp. You can hear enemies approaching on foot or in vehicles with good headphones.

Using headphones can also help you get a good idea of ​​the surrounding images to spot a possible inward attack. Headphones are also essential while playing games with your friends for effective communication.

When playing Duos or Squad, convert chat to the team and coordinate with your teammates. The option to toggle between ‘Teams’ and ‘All’ is located on the left side of the mini-map. This is important as you will be able to plan your routes as well as communicate enemy locations to others.

Look for signs of people

It is always a good idea to approach a place carefully. If you’ve got a scope, take a look at the windows and general area to see if there are any. Keep an eye on open doors.

The game starts with all doors closed by default, so an open door is a sure sign that someone has been there (or is still there). There are oddly parked vehicles with other things to keep an eye on.

Know your weapon

Each weapon of PUBG Mobile has its advantages and disadvantages. For now, that’s all you need to know – submachine guns are good for short-to-medium ranges. This includes Tommy Gun, UMP, Vector, and Uzi. Assault rifles like AKM and M16 are very versatile weapons and can hit targets at different ranges.

Because you are new to the game, these are the weapons you should be carrying. Sniper rifles do a lot of damage but are generally slow to fire and require you to add a scope. It takes a lot of skill to master these.

DMRs like the Mini14, SKS, and SLR fall between assault rifles and snipers. They can accommodate high-powered areas and have a quick fire rate.

If you want to try your hand at sneezing, these are the guns to try. LMGs like the DP-28 and M249 are very powerful weapons. If you come across them (the M249 is only available via Airdrop) you should consider getting them. They have high fire rates, and large magazine sizes and are effective in most combat situations.

Pro tips and tricks FOR BGMI

Don’t try to be the hero all the time. Assess the moment when to shoot and kill enemies or wait to attack.

The object of the game is survival. If you killed 5 enemies your rating would be low, but you died within 10 minutes and a high rating even with 2 kills, but survive to the top 5.

Never hide or lie down in an open place without covering. You can be easily seen from far away.

If this is not possible then don’t revive your partner because many times enemies wait for you to come and revive your friend and then they will attack.

Molotov cocktail is more effective than grenades.

Don’t be hasty without knowing how many enemies are in the building. Always have your squad around.

Use a flash hider on a sniper gun while shooting from afar. With Flash Hider it will be very difficult for enemies to recognize you.

Throw a smoke grenade at the airdrop before looting. That way if an enemy is sneaking in from afar, they won’t be able to see you because of the smoke.

Confuse your enemies in close encounters by constantly changing your position.

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