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5 fastest helicopters in GTA Online

Helicopters may seem sluggish if one tells it about the game, but their actual speed is much higher than most vehicles in the game. There are only planes faster than these helicopters in GTA Online, which should tell a player how fast some of these vehicles are.

Of course, it is important to note that the speed of these vehicles is determined by the Brophy method. Broughy1322 has its website for players to check if they are unsure of how some of these speed statistics are verified.

However, it’s worth noting that Broughy’s way of evaluating speed is much more accurate than what GTA Online tells the player.

One major advantage helicopters have over their winged brethren is their ability to reach places where (well, at least survivable) aircraft would not, the ability to transport people, and, in most cases, where an Auto can pass.

Considering the fragility of helicopters (like any other aircraft) and the risk of dying if not operated carefully, a helicopter is an ideal vehicle for traveling through Los Santos. It is believed that it lags far behind an aircraft in terms of speed, but it can land almost anywhere in the city, whether it is a regular road (just make sure no cars are moving there at the moment), building roof, school playground or lawn.

In addition to civilian helicopters, there are also armed models in the game, which are perfectly suited for destroying enemy armed groups. In this special subsection, you will find everything you might be interested in regarding helicopters in Grand Theft Auto 5.

1. Nagasaki Havoko

  1. Price: $2,300,900
  2. Top Speed: 154.25 mph (248.24 km/h)

“In the world of tactical air support, bigger is better, isn’t it? Wrong. Consider this. The next time one of your legitimate business associates arranges to meet you in the bathroom of a crack Dane at Banning, they walk through the stall door. To find you hovering over the bowl in one of these beauties.”

2. Buckingham Swift

  1. Price: $1,500,000
  2. Top Speed: 156.50 mph (251.86 km/h)

“Special edition lightweight, twin-engine, four-seat multi-role helicopter. For this collaboration with clothing and lifestyle brand Flying Bravo we’ve added rhodium stitching to the Panda leather seats and some zero in the price tag.”

3. Akula

  1. Price: $3,704,050
  2. Top Speed: 157.25 mph (253.07 km/h)

“Once upon a time, a blank radar screen meant you could relax. But times change. With Akula in town, a blank radar screen probably meant you were a sociopath in an attack helicopter are seconds away from being vaporized by you. And there’s only one way to make sure you’re on the right side of that brave new world…”

4. Buckingham Swift Deluxe

  1. Price: $5,150,000
  2. Top Speed: 157.75 mph (253.87 km/h)

“You’re not just buying a three-ton, nitro-charged, solid gold helicopter. You’re not just subsidizing third world mining corporations, hysterical dictatorships, thousands of child laborers, and dozens of NGOs pretending to fight human rights abuses.” You’re making a statement. You’re making a statement about yourself, and the kind of meaningless fallacy the world hardly notices anymore.”

5. Buckingham Voltas

  1. Price: $2,295,000
  2. Top Speed: 161.25 mph (259.51 km/h)

“Smooth aerodynamics on the market, double swept blades, fantail rotor: When you’re coming out of the weekend’s team-building ketamine workshop, there’s no more expensive way to move at extreme speeds in absolute comfort and almost complete silence. This is real business class.”


Volatus – Max Speed: 259.51km/hPrice: $2,295,000

The Buckingham Volatus is a luxury helicopter featured in GTA Online as part of further adventures in finance and hooliganism. It is the fastest helicopter in GTA Online with a top speed of 259.51 km/h. Similar to the Swift Deluxe, the Voltas is considered a luxury helicopter and cannot be equipped with any weapons.

Of the flying vehicles in GTA Online, helicopters are probably the most useful. They are easier to control than warplanes while carrying a large number of weapons compared to smaller craft such as the Oppressor. However, people generally considered them to be slower than other types of vehicles.However, this is completely wrong. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 fastest helicopters in GTA Online.5 – Havok4 – Swift3 – Akula2 – Swift Deluxe

1 – Volatus

Mammoth Hydra – When it comes to speed, attack jets have the most noticeable advantage in the sky. The Mammoth Hydra stands out as one of the most desirable vehicles in the game, thanks to its speed, but also because of its attack power.

Players can get their hands on the Hydra by purchasing it from Warstock Cash & Carry, which sells it for $3,990,000. Reaching a top speed of 209.25 mph, the Hydra can easily overtake and overtake most other aircraft in the game. The fact that it comes with missiles is just a huge bonus

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