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GTA 5 online play now free Android and iOS

GTA 5 has become very popular, someone wants to play this game because the graphics of this game are very good and you get many missions which you have to complete, so it is very fun to play the game.

If you want to play GTA 5 from your smartphone, then it is not possible right now because mobile version of GTA 5 is not available, so you cannot play this game in mobile. This game is not available on google play store.

There are many apps available which give the option to choose GTA 5 in your smartphone because they take the support of all cloud games, with the help of which you can run the game in your mobile.

top 10 best Android games like GTA 5

#1. bhai The gangster – This is a story based game, in this game you will get to see Indian characters, very good graphics will be seen in this game, this game will be available to you on Google Play Store, inside this game you get many missions which you have to complete.

#2. Grand gangster 3DYou can download this game from google play store and you will get to see many characters in it, the characters have been made very realistic and you will not face any problem in the controls of the game. In this you will get to see many missions.

#3. GTA vice City – The graphics of this game are very good, this game looks like GTA 5 to a large extent. Inside it you get to see many features which look very good. This game will be available to you on Google Play Store and you can download and play it very easily.

#4. Sleeping Dogs: This game is about a former drug dealer named Wei Shen (Way Shen) who gets busted by Hong Kong police and becomes an undercover cop working in the Triads after spending time in America. Now Wei has to balance the fine line between being a Triad member and a Cop.

It has a VERY great storyline, excellent fighting styles (in my opinion), nice cars, side quests (also called favors), and hell you can even sing Karaoke! This game is a roller coaster ride of fun that will never end for me.

#5. Far Cry 4 – In this game, you are Ajay Ghale (AJ Gale or Aw-Jay Gaw-lay) who has returned to the country of Kyrat where you are to spread your mothers ashes at the shrine of Lakshmana. Upon arriving, your bus gets stopped by the Royal Army, and you get taken by the “evil” guy, Pagan Min (even though he isn’t really evil, it depends on perspective because he treats you like his son).

This game is another great open world game with a story line that changes depending on your choices. There’s everything to do from assassinating important targets, to chasing down animals for crafting upgrades. There are all sorts of animals from snakes hidden in the grass to giant freakin elephants THAT YOU CAN RIDE INTO BATTLE

#6. Red Dead Redemption – Easily one of my favorite games. Set around 1918, you play as John Marston while he is on a quest to get his family back after they were taken by government officials.

To get them back, you have to hunt down your old gang, one by one. This game takes you from old dusty towns, to gang hideouts, to Mexico, and back up to the sophisticated town. With a great open world, this game takes the cake as probably my favorite.

#7. Skyrim – Who could have a list of their favorite games and not have Skyrim on it? With tons of quests (a lacking main story line though), hundreds of dungeons, and a beautiful scenery, what isn’t there to like about this game? If you have a PC, your experience just got better because of mods (console gamers, don’t cry we’ll get mods soon, love all around). Join a faction of Assassins, or destroy them, become a thief, or join the Companions for honor, and for money.

#8. Army of Two– The Devil’s Cartel- Okay so this is the first game on the list that isn’t an open world game, but I just personally love it because of the guns and explosions cue Hulk Hogan breaking through a wall screaming ‘OH YEAH BROTHER!’.

You are a part of the TWO mercenary group fighting through the Cartels in I want to say Brazil? Could be wrong on that though. Anyways, the game takes you through twists and turns, but I never quit playing it because it is too much fun for me.

#9. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1, 2, and 3– All these games are just amazing to me with a great story line. If you haven’t played them, you are missing out big time.

#10. Bioshock Infinite: I personally loved this one because it wasn’t like the other Bioshock games. This takes place in the beautiful city in the sky Columbia, where you have to save a girl named Elizabeth. The ending is weird but great, and the game combat is really fun to me.

Can I play GTA 5 online for free now?

GTA Online is included for free with all copies of Grand Theft Auto V, also known as GTA 5. This means you must have a copy of Rockstar’s Crime Caper to play online. You will also need an active subscription to PS Plus.
A standalone version of GTA Online is due to be released on PS5 after that, alongside GTA 5: Enhanced and Expanded. It will be free to download on day one for PS Plus customers, as announced earlier by Sony.
Once you have a copy of GTA 5, it’s free to play GTA Online, although you can purchase Shark cards to increase your in-game bank balance. However, it is not required, and you can learn how to earn money through the link.

Can we play GTA 5 on Android for free?

Grand Theft Auto 5 (also known as GTA V) launched in 2013 and is still one of the most played games thanks to its ever-expanding online mode called GTA Online. And while the game doesn’t have a mobile version, it’s actually possible to play on your Android phone if you want. The game first launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, then made its way to PC. It was also launched for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now, GTA 5 is also making its way to the latest generation consoles, the Xbox Series X/Series S and PlayStation 5. You can play GTA 5 on your phone. Using two different apps.
You can play GTA 5 on your Android device using Steam Link or Xbox Game Pass. Though both come with some prerequisites, such as owning a game on Steam, a desktop PC, a reliable internet connection, and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. With that in mind, here’s how you can play GTA V on your Android device.

How can I download GTA online for free?

GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best selling games of all time. Despite being strictly for players over the age of 18, it is also quite popular among all age groups. The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around for decades now and GTA 5 has turned 7 years old. Following that success, the Epic Games Store has now welcomed GTA 5 onboard and is offering the game for free to all PC gamers.
The Epic Games Store gained popularity with the help of the launch of the game For tnite. Now, with GTA 5 coming onboard, the company is facing system crashes as too many people are trying to grab free copies of the game. Getting GTA 5 for free sounds exciting, but it gets even better as the company is offering the premium version for free. The Special Edition includes the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for GTA Online, as well as the multiplayer gaming experience.

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