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Do you know how many things are there in Minecraft, that you have never seen because they are considered important and rare? Finding a living is not a child’s play, as these things are very unlikely to be found in Minecraft, which only the experience of the best player can explore. Which is equivalent to treasure in Minecraft.

And those rare things must have been given amazing powers too. If you accidentally got these things then it is a matter of great pleasure for you, which can be used to increase your power or become the best player! So below are some rare items of Minecraft!


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You must know that the golden apple is a food item that can be easily crafted, for this you have to put an ender pearl in the golden apple, your health is regenerated from this apple. But it has other benefits which you can also call enchant golden apple!

And it is known to the people only from the golden apple, whose name is NOTCH APPLE. To find which players have to struggle a lot, only then can they be found. Which is one of the rarest food items. Earlier it was made by Golden Block Key to Golden Apple but with time it has also stopped. If you find this, then understand that you have the rarest food item.

chainmail armor

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Chainmail armor that is very rare and used by very few players in Minecraft, which cannot be made into crafting tables etc. Wearing which players can fight with many mobs. And the special thing is that the players attacked by mobs do less damage.

So you can enjoy the fight for a long time. chainmail armor can be obtained in 2 ways, first, kill any mobs who are wearing armor, and secondly find a villager who is wearing armor and then trade it and get armor

mob head

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mob head in Minecraft that you are well known for your personality through which you can get many great experiences, like becoming a different person and a leader of your settlement, so if players don’t know mob head the rarest So here it is.

the one that is the least frequent and rarest is the wither head with a 2.5% chance of getting killed, which is why it is considered quite rare in Minecraft!

nether ster

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Few items are as hard to obtain as the Nether Star, as it requires killing the Wither Boss to drop it. As such, it is strange to know that this four-pointed brilliance is simply an unusual item and not one of high rarity.

Because some of it can be obtained from mobs, which is used to make Beacon. Because Beacon gives players many powers, using which players can easily win big battles with their powers! So if you ever get a nether star then definitely make Beacon.

Totem Of Undying

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How would you like to be immortal? This is now possible, thanks to the immortal totem, an object that makes your death void if you take it with you. These extremely helpful little effigies are unusual objects that can be dropped by enemies.

If the player is holding one of their hands and takes lethal damage, Totem of Undying will restore the player’s hearts with a large amount of healing and defensive buffs. Which will be very special for the players, and it will be very difficult for the players to find Totem Of Undying.


1 Bottle O’ Enchanting.
2 End Crystal.
3 Heart Of The Sea.
4 Nether Star.
5 Elytra.
6 Wither Skeleton Head.
7 Enchanted Golden Apple.
8 Totem Of Undying.

1 Open chat window. The easiest way to run commands in Minecraft is in a chat window.
2 Type the command. In this example, we’re going to invoke an axolotl in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.18 with the following command: /summon axolotl.