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Always able to provide a great experience to the people, that is, we have provided here some duplicate games of Minecraft from the same famous games today, which allow you to play for free and most importantly, due to the small size of the game.

Also, this game for Android will not be fatal with no such problems as lag, and games often try to provide the feel of Minecraft. This will be great entertainment for you, then games like Minecraft which are available below according to ranking, because in Minecraft games this is the game that people have liked.


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The multicraft game is famous among many people because of its excellent graphics and controls, which have made available quite the best controller for android, which will provide the best experience with smoothness if players can’t buy Minecraft and play for them.

This free game will be the best which is available only for Android. Items present in the game that are depicted as Minecraft, and most importantly, the characters of the game can be present here according to the player’s choice, with a lot of the settings shown as Minecraft.


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Craftsman game which can also be called a copy like Minecraft because many things have been made available like Minecraft, the only difference is that this game is online, which can be played offline for some time only.

The components of the game, the controller, etc. will all be like Minecraft, which can be very special for you because this game gives the experience of Minecraft for free. And the game was published by StarGame22 which is a very good and famous studio!


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As soon as the players open this game, where players get to see a simple game menu, there are 3 modes available in that menu, which are going to increase your entertainment a lot, and there is a lot of controller in this game, which can be a bit problematic.

But there are many things that you will like a lot, otherwise where players will be given a survival life like Minecraft in which many things will have to be made or developed, only then the player can struggle and survive here. And this game will be much better for those players who like Minecraft.

cube world

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This game is going to be very good for you because the characters here are shown are stunning. The game is similar to Minecraft but there will be a living goal that you will know after playing.

including graphics and character fighting skills that will give you a much better experience Cube World is a voxel-based RPG (indie/sandbox) game that is created by developer picroma thanks to its unique style and feels. And its rating on the play store is very good

Mini Block Craft

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Mini Block Craft is a game like Minecraft available in Android Play Store. It’s an open-block game where you have the power to build your world from block to block to build your dream home, from block to building.

Mini Block Craft shows you a world of infinite possibilities, fight monstrous zombies, but most importantly follow your heart.

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What is the right age to start playing Minecraft? Because of its complexity, the potential for mild violence, and online community, we recommend Minecraft for children 8 years of age and older.

1 Adventure Racing. Core participants: 1,365,000.
2 MMA for Competition. Core participants: 257,000.
3 Off-Road Triathlons. Core participants: 921,000.
4 Lacrosse. Core participants: 1,032,000.
5 Traditional Triathlons. Core participants: 1,439,000.
6 Rugby.
7 Archery.
8 Field Hockey.

1 Super Mario Bros. 62%
2 Sega51%
3 Call of Duty46%4 Candy Crush Saga45%

5 Mortal Kombat45%

6 Grand Theft Auto45%
7 Marvel’s Spider-Man45%
8 The Legend of Zelda44%