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the 5 Greatest shonen anime characters off all time ranked

The anime universe is full of super powerful characters that no one can stop in their own world! They are seen as gods, symbols of power, rulers or the strongest beings in that world! And the interesting thing about them is that they can have different roles in every anime!

Some of them are the main characters, some are antagonists or maybe a mentor, or maybe some are the heads of organizations or kings etc! In this article, we specifically wanted to focus on the people who appear in the Shonen anime!

1. Satoru Gojo

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character body details answer
height : 190 cm
hair color : White
eye color : Light Blue
age : 28

Although Yuji Itadori is the protagonist, Satoru is the true show-stopper in Gojo Jujutsu Kaisen. Although he is the most powerful magician in the world, Satoru doesn’t take things too seriously and has a good understanding of everything.

His goal of teaching at Jujutsu High is to raise a new generation of magicians and to improve the jujutsu society.

Even when he was sealed within the confines of the prison, Satoru laughed it off. Although he admitted that he had made a mistake, Satoru said that it would be okay because he believed in the new generation of jujutsu magicians he had fostered.

2. Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach’s Ichigo has a variety of abilities that strengthen him as one of Shnen’s strongest characters. He is a Soul Reaper, a Fullbringer and a Quincy, and is known to be incredibly powerful and skilled with all three techniques and legacies.

He also has an amazing ability to always find a way to win, even when his teammates are stacked against him like the Big Three heroes. In a way, this skill is what cements him as one of Shonen’s strongest characters.

character body details answer
height : 174 cm
hair color : brown
eye color : Light brown
age : 29

3. Naruto

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character body details answer
height : 146 cm
hair color : Blonde, yellow
eye color : blue light hue
age : 17

The Naruto live-action movie is rolling out, and fans are excited to finally see one of the world’s most famous ninjas. Underestimated and rejected all his life, he still works hard to overcome all the obstacles in his path and protect his friends and the village.

From the village pariah to the most loved and respected man, Naruto never stops working towards his goals and protecting others, even those who treat him harshly, including is what makes a great leader.

4. Guts

A soldier since the age of nine, the next entry on our list is Dare, the hero of the fearless. Throughout the years, his combat ability develops to the point where he single-handedly defeats a contingent of 100 soldiers and even apostles. This Black Swordsman manages to defeat terrifyingly powerful monsters with his Dragon Slayer sword.

a prosthetic arm with a hidden cannon, a painstaking armor, and above all, his incredible will power. Guts is at the top of the Fearless Universe, despite not using mystical powers.

character body details answer
height : 204 cm
hair color : Black
eye color : Brown
age : 24

5. Danzo Shimura

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character body details answer
height : 170 cm
hair color : Black
eye color : red light brown
age : 73

Naruto’s Denzo Shimura is one of the rare examples of a character who has tangible and understandable motivations for the things he does, but we don’t care about. He is the one who planned the Uchiha slaughter in the first place! Sure,

they were planning to rebel and destroy Konoha, but there were other options. Simultaneously, he gathered their eyes and put them in his arm. The man is power-hungry and insane, but uses the excuse that it’s all for the Hidden Leaf Village in order to excuse himself from any and all crimes, which is truly abhorrent.

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1 Deathnote (2006)
2 Code Geass (2006)
3 Stein’s; Gate (2011)
4 Berserk (1997)
5 Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

1 Norman (The Promised Neverland)
2 Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)
3 Ray (The Promised Neverland)
4 Kiyotaka Ayanokoji (Classroom Of The Elite)
5 Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

1 Kuchiki Byakuya (“Bleach”)
2 Azuma Yunoki (“La Corda d’Oro”)
3 Mabuchi Kou (“Ao Haru Ride”)
4 Satsuki Shishio (“Hirunaka no Ryuusei”)
5 Kazehaya Shouta (“Kimi ni Todoke”)