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15 best Android multiplayer games

Android gaming has only grown in the last decade, and Android users have at least one game on their device. The mobile gaming market now has every genre, including single-player games, puzzle games, multiplayer games, action-adventure games, etc., with mobile platforms making the most money as compared to other gaming platforms.

Gaming on mobile with friends is one of the best pastimes as it keeps us in touch with them while making them fun. There are many multiplayer games on the Android Play Store that you can play with friends, but which are the best? This article will list the games that you will have the most fun playing with friends on Android.

1. Hot Slide

This is a fast-paced racing game where you have to defeat the opponent by reaching the finish line first. Although it is a simple one, it has an intuitive gameplay design. It’s a top-view game where the car automatically accelerates, and you only turn and brake.

There are many tracks in the game which look beautiful with different backgrounds. The rounds are short, so you don’t need to dedicate yourself to completing the long haul.

Other games in the racing genre include Asphalt 9, Real Racing 3, and CSR Racing, all of which are available on Android.

2. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an arcade platformer. Your goal is to cross various roads and streams without dying. Your goal is to make it as long as possible. It features a variety of playable characters and a local multiplayer mode.

You and your friends can connect to a WiFi network and then play the created game together. It supports two to four players. This isn’t the strongest multiplayer ever. However, it is family friendly and a fun way to kill some time. This is definitely one of the better local multiplayer games.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time on any platform. You have fallen into a randomly generated world and then you can do whatever you want. The game includes cross-play with Xbox One and PC.

This means you can play with your friends almost anywhere. The game includes three modes: survival, arena and creative. Creative mode doesn’t let you die for any reason. Survival Mode spawns bad guys, a food system, and you can die.

Those looking for console-level quality in a mobile game can’t do better than this. It’s actually a PC and console game as well. The game costs $6.99. In-app purchases are for character skins.

4. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade is probably the best racing game available. Campaign mode is fun and has lots of events. There’s even a story, multiple Wave Runners to buy and upgrade, and more. The online multiplayer option is above average.

A total of eight players can compete in one-on-one matchups. It also supports split-screen multiplayer mode, hardware controllers, and more. There’s also a challenge mode where you can compete against the best of your friends. There are no in-app purchases to get in the way of it and we loved it.

5. Zynga’s With Friends games

Zynga has developed several really cool multiplayer games. These include Words with Friends, Draw Something, Chase with Friends, Gems with Friends, Crosswords with Friends, and their latest game, Words with Friends 2.

Each game lets you pair up with a friend or stranger online in a competitive game. They are not very complicated games. However, they are family friendly, easy to get into and easy to play. All games allow you to log into Facebook to find friends more easily. They’re not perfect, but they’re kid-friendly, easy, and

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6. Clash of Clans

The first game on our list is old, but it is still one of the most popular, successful and enjoyable Android games to play with your friends.

Clash of Clans is over six years old, and I’ve played it since the day it was released on Android. In my “clan” I have friends in many different states, a friend who lives in London, family members from all over the city, and strangers who now know more about my life than most people. It is a great way to keep in touch with friends and have fun at the same time.

At this point, almost everyone should know about Clash of Clans. It’s a top-down multiplayer strategy game where you build your town(s), defending it from attackers almost like a tower-defense game, but then other players will fight with the same soldiers from their village to destroy the villages. can carry.

7. Shades – Combat Militia

Shades – Combat Militia is one of the best multiplayer shooter game that you can play via LAN. It’s not FPS, but the graphics quality is really awesome. The game is still in beta stage, but it’s awesome.

You can explore up to six maps, choose between 20 weapons, and choose the right mode. In addition to Wi-Fi multiplayer, Shades – Combat Militia also lets you play against online players and bots. In all cases, you can choose different modes like deathmatch, team-deathmatch, etc.

8. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

We cannot list offline multiplayer shooting games without including Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. It was a trendsetter. The game doesn’t have graphics intensity or anything. On the other hand, it is set inside a fantastic world where you have pixel-like battles.

There are different modes like survival and co-op. The best part is that you can play with up to 12 players in WLAN mode. Despite the minimal setup, Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia offers tons of weapons and customizations.

9. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a free open platform 8 player multiplayer game. You can directly connect with your friends and play it offline and online. Be it PC, PlayStation or Android you can play this game for free.

Here in the game, there are 50 unique characters with different fighting skills and abilities. There is a limit of 8 players in a game. The game includes online ranked games 2v2 and 1v1, a free classic 4 player survival game, and a custom game with 4v4, 3v3, and 1v2 fun different modes such as brawl ball, basketball, flag capture, and many more. Huh. You can also practice combos in the training room.

Graphics are 2D and HD. The graphics don’t really matter much in this game. It only matters here how you will defeat your opponents. Controls are very important, you can do various combinations with your controls. The sound makes it cool and fun.

10. Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis is another best local multiplayer offline game for 2022. If you want to play table tennis with your friend, then this game is best for you.

In Virtual Table Tennis, you can use Bluetooth as the source to play table tennis between 2 friends. You can also play offline singles tournaments or friendly matches or global matches online.

There are also different bats with different power-ups. Make sure you didn’t miss it. This game has got science, too. The ball hits and goes out as it should. You can do checks, epic services and defeat the enemy.

The graphics are 3D and realistic, the controls are the former and the former is also the food. It can also be supported on many low end devices.