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Good day, two days ago, my friend asked me about the best PC games under 1 GB, and after excellent research and trying different games, I felt that there is no need for a separate graphic card, and that is enough. Required will be the integrated graphic card.

What Makes the Best PC Games Under 1GB? Since this is a two-in-one post, you get best PC games under 1GB RAM and best PC games under 1GB size.

What Makes the Best PC Games Under 1GB? Since this is a two-in-one post, you get best PC games under 1GB RAM and best PC games under 1GB size.

1. Max Payne 1

Max Payne 1 is a story-driven third person shooter that offers you a realistic weapon setup. Of these, we consider more than a dozen real-life guns, all well suited to the crime-story setting.

Released in 2000, Max Payne 1 is an old game that has garnered a lot of media attention. But let’s see why that is so and what are the most valuable benefits it offers.

The story of the game is very well told. The main character you’ll be able to control is Max Payne, an undercover DEA agent.

Elements of the story are presented in different ways. Thus, we can talk about in-crime cutscenes, engaging interactions during gameplay, and novel-inspired graphics.

Speaking about the artificial intelligence that this game provides, we can strongly agree that it is great for an older game. That way, your enemies will surround you, take cover, and even attack in packs, as in real life.

With its dynamic features, Max Payne 1 offers you to proactively respond to your actions continuously. Thus, your opponents will act like you. If you’re going to be aggressive, they’re only going to get on you.

2. Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights is an Action-RPG set in a colorful world surrounded by monsters. You play as a spiral knight who must delve deep into the planet to find a way back to your home world.

The game includes fast-paced combat, a plethora of different weapons and armor to collect, and a plethora of tough enemies. It’s one of the few games on our list that can be played completely for free (though there are optional microtransactions).

3. Assassins Creed 1

Assassin’s Creed 1 is the first entry in Ubisoft’s popular action-adventure stealth series. During the Third Crusade in 1191 AD, Altar ibn Lahad, a member of the Assassin Order, is the protagonist of the game.

To advance the story, you have to complete the missions assigned to you by your superiors. Between tasks, you can explore the wide open world, do side quests or just wander around and take in the sights and sounds of 12th-century Palestine. Despite being nearly ten years old, Assassin’s Creed 1 still stands out due to its spectacular setting and great gameplay mechanics.

4. Road Rash

Road Rash is a racing game from Electronic Arts that features street motorcycle racing with battles against other racers and cops. Six different ports were released on the gaming platform during the 90s. This version is the PC port that claimed “realistic” graphics at the time.

It has simple racing mechanics where the motorcycle stays on a single horizontal axis while turning is done by turning left or right. The physics affects how the motorcycle operates on sharp turns, ramps, hills and uneven terrain so players can use the terrain to launch themselves over great distances or be vulnerable to accidents.

Every racer, including the player, has a stamina bar, and running out of stamina leads to a wipeout. Players can inflict damage against rival drivers but must avoid being hit by obstacles or attacks.

They can steal weapons by punching or kicking rival riders – some of which are cattle products, chains, clubs, crows, nunchaku and pipes. The police will also try to nab the trailing wrestlers. Anyone caught by the police would be busted and the race would be over for them. Completing races allows players to upgrade or buy new motorcycles.

This game takes us back to the era of 2D titles, which is why it has made it to our list of best PC games under 1GB RAM.

5. Fear

Pliers plays Paxton, a psychopath. You are a trained mercenary who was instructed to lead an army of cyborg soldiers. These cyborgs are your replicas, yes you heard the right replicas, which means your body doubles that are artificially created.

The shooting effects of this game are really crazy. It is one of the best games that has mind-blowing (literally) and out of the ordinary shooting effects. When you shoot your enemy there is a wave of push and jerk coming out of your gun which looks really nice and attractive. You must try it this is one of my favorites on the list.

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