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5 Simple Minecraft Roof Designs

Minecraft has become a worldwide phenomenon. Millions of players around the world spend hours building their own worlds. You can also build your own house or castle using the game’s resources.

With so many ways to customize your new home, from choosing materials to designing the layout, there’s a lot to consider. In this article, we will look at some of the best Minecraft roof designs.

These Minecraft ceiling designs are all unique and interesting, and you can copy these ceiling ideas for blocks, or use them for inspiration when designing your home in Minecraft.

basic roof designs for a Minecraft house

In Minecraft, players need to survive in a wild world with the help of food and shelter. The first thing a player does is chop some wood and make tools and make a place to live. Therefore, there are many new players who will try to make their first house as beautiful as possible.

Since the game is entirely based on blocks, it can be difficult to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Therefore, new players can simply build a standard house with a flat roof, however by cleverly placing the blocks in a pattern, they can come up with some of the best roof designs that can give some personality to their homes.

1. Curved roof

Since the game is completely made up of blocks, making some spheres in the game is a difficult task. However, players can try to make a simple curved roof for their homes with the help of stairs and slabs. The edge of the roof may be steep, and it may gradually flatten as it approaches the top.

2. Lighthouse

Are you one of those players who have to build something right next to the sea? Well, a lighthouse might be right up your alley!

This is one of the best Minecraft survival builds because you can make it fully functional – rotating lights and all. It can serve as a giant landmark and a source of light.

To build the tower, you’ll need to alternate between red and white concrete. However, the actual light source is a bit trickier. You can use a beacon or observer, repeaters and layers of redstone lamps. This short video breaks down the whole process.

3. M-Shaped

You guess it! This ceiling is based on the letter M, so it is called M-shaped ^^. And it’s basically made up of two A-frame roofs next to each other.

You can see this ceiling in any large home, including both modern or medieval styles. The hard part is your base has to be big enough.

4. The Clerestory Roof

This roof allows you to create a house with an interesting shape, while also having a unique roof. The two storeys are of different sizes, which means that the vertical wall of the second floor will become the feature of this terrace. You can also add a row of windows along the second story wall to allow some natural light into the home.

5. The Gable Roof

You’ll usually find gable roofs on real-life homes and architecture as well. There are two sloping portions of the roof that form a flat ridge at the top of the house called a gable! The flat ridge at the top can be made as flat as you need it to be, making this roof a great choice for larger and wider homes.

6. Three dimensional hut roof

This is the most basic and best way to build a roof. It differs slightly from other roofs as it has four slants compared to two in most builds. There are several Japanese-style constructions in the game that use this type of roof, although they are much more elaborate. Players can easily build this temple-like roof with stairs.

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