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best minecraft maps for multiplayer

Are you looking for some cool Minecraft maps to play? Luckily for you we have handpicked the best Minecraft maps of the last 10 years so that you can enjoy alone or with friends on your Minecraft servers!

All these Minecraft maps are free to download and play from the link below. You are bound to find something that you can dive into and have a great time. We’ve included the Minecraft version that we recommend you use for each map just before the download link.

1. SkyBlock

Another stylized map, SkyBlocks is a twist on the classic survival play. Born on a very small island, floating in an infinite void, your task is not only to survive, but to thrive, with 50 challenges set out on the download page to complete. Are you ready for the challenge?

With over 2 million downloads, this map has inspired countless ‘Survival Island’ maps and countless more multiplayer servers over the past 8 years, many of which still hold thousands of players today. Great for a solo challenge with friends or for a solo challenge, arguably no other map has anywhere close to such an impact on the Minecraft community.

2. Minechester City

Before you guess, I want to clarify that this map is not a recreation of Manchester City from the UK. Instead, it’s a full-blown unique Minecraft city with skyscrapers, houses, an airport, a hospital, and more. It took several weeks and 6 builders to make the map. And their efforts are clearly visible as soon as they open the map.

Unlike many other open world games, the houses in this map are complete in their design. You can look inside and even under many buildings. There are even some Easter eggs hidden away that you can try to find.

3. 11 Ways To Die

The main objective of any Minecraft survival or puzzle map is to avoid dying. Whether it’s from fall damage, mobs, or anything else, staying alive is the way to win each map quest. But not on this unique map. The only way forward in this map is to find a way to die. However, it is not as easy as you might expect.

There are a total of 11 unique levels on this single-player map, with creative deaths being the main objective. Furthermore, the levels are inspired by various popular children’s movies, adding a unique twist to the whole concept. So, if you know your fairy tales, this map may come in handy for you.

4. Build To The Other Side

This is a Minecraft puzzle map in which players must figure out how to get to the other side of the map without getting killed in the process. Building bridges is a common thing in Minecraft, but this map put a twist on it by placing various limits like 2-block limits or gravel-only bridges.

There are 18 levels that will test your critical thinking skills and knowledge of Minecraft mechanics to the limit. It’s all about starting with seemingly few resources and adding more blocks to cover the distance. There are levels that force you to improve because they don’t provide enough blocks.

5. The Maze Runner

You may be familiar with the cinematic franchise of the same name, but did you know that there is a Minecraft version of The Maze Runner that has proven to be incredibly fun? In this game, players are left in a world with no memories of the past. Instead, you’re left with an impossible maze full of twists, turns, and dangers. There is only one way and that is to pass through these complex corridors successfully.

It may be an old map, but it’s one that even years after its release, fans are still stumbling upon this gem and it’s worth a try. With that said there are some rules that you have to follow. For starters, you can’t break any moss stone bricks, there’s no climbing or building to reach the top of the maze’s walls, and you need to play Minecraft 1.8 or later.

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