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top 5 Best Obby Games In Roblox of all time ranked

The obstacle course games in Roblox are in the popular obi (plural: obbies) genre. These are games in which you will be challenged to conquer an obstacle course by any means necessary. Most just require you to run, jump and climb.

but some can be even more creative. While the obby genre on Roblox has grown and become more complex over the years, many games are expanding on the old formula to create unique experiences for Roblox players. With dozens of Obby games to choose from, we’ve created this guide to help you pick the 5 best Obbies on Roblox.

Tower of Misery

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If you liked the previous game, Tower of Egypt is more similar, but with additional features. The game’s stages are still randomly generated, but you now have a clock to beat.

Your success can earn you coins that you can use to buy additional gear to use in your future endeavors. And for the most competitive players, there’s also a leaderboard.

Escape the Bathroom Obby

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Due to the drastic change in theme compared to the previous game, this game is full of humor and is great to amuse yourself. Being a small character in a huge bathroom,

you have to avoid a bathroom full of all kinds of toiletries you can imagine. So after escaping the carnival of terror, this is the next experience you should definitely reward yourself with.

Mega Fun Obby

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Mega Fun Obi has been around for years and has the stages to prove it. With over 2,000 obstacle courses to run and more being added with each update, you have nothing short of challenges to overcome. Mega Fun revolves around a fairly simple idea:

reach the end of the course and dodge the falling objects along the way. What really makes it stand out is how much variety the developer, Bloxtun, was able to get out of the idea. It is a classic for good reason and should not be missed.

Obby Creator

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OB Creator by Whirlpool Studios allows players to create their own obes and explore building others in the same location, with tons of tools and items to build and build. This unique OB experience can be obtained by players joining the game.

Once they’ve built up a new skill set, they’ll have to pay their own and use existing developments or build their own obstacle courses or rides in one place. Players can create a truly unique experience and show them to others to complete in one place.

Troll Obby

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With so many objections to Roblox becoming quite predictable these days, Troll Obby helps solve this problem by bringing new and unique takes on the classic Roblox course. Where earlier there were clear solutions to the various challenges set within the curriculum.

now you must think out-of-the-box and work on new ways to progress to the next level. Whether figuring out which invisible path to take or whether or not stepping on lava is the right choice, Troll Obi will surely entice you with his stand-out obstacles and challenges.

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