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how to get a cape in minecraft

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Minecraft capes are a popular cosmetic within the community. Mojang has released a few official Minecraft capes in the past, and some of them are very rare and untraceable. However, it is still very possible to have a cape of your own by other means.

Customizing your player with a cape is a great way to express yourself inside the game and stand out from the crowd. The process for obtaining one will vary depending on which version of Minecraft you play. In this guide, we will show you how to get a cape in Minecraft Java Edition.

How Do Capes Work? 

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The Minecraft cape is one of the valuable additions to the world of Minecraft. Minecraft capes work in different ways, such as:

  • You can use these caps for your protection.
  • You can improve your survival rate even more with Minecraft Capes.
  • You can wear a Minecraft cape to change the look of your character.
  • Minecraft capes are skin-protecting coverings for you.
  • You will wear them as extra skin in your gameplay.
  • You can use these capes with skin packs in Minecraft.
  • Capes usually do the bragging for you.
  • Minecraft capes are the epitome of style and royalty.

How to get a cape in Minecraft with mods

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The mod’s power allows users to get their own cloak in the form of Trout that flies gracefully behind them. In Minecraft, you can get any cape you want, or even better, any cape you can imagine. Simply use any mod you like.

such as Advanced Caps Mod. However, it has a drawback. Other players on multiplayer Minecraft servers will not be able to see your cape unless they have the same mod installed. So, if all you want is a cape, to show it off and amp up your stance of power, the official technique is the best way to go.

Quick Facts About Capes

  • Caps are purely cosmetic and offer no visible benefit to gameplay.
  • Caps are given to individual player accounts as a reward by the makers of Minecraft. It is not possible to get a cape otherwise without using mods.
  • The capes have preset designs. They are not customizable like skins without the use of mods or plugins.

Buy Minecraft Skins to Get a Cape

The account migration requirement pertains to the Minecraft Java version only. Thus, if you play Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you cannot get a free cape. However, you can purchase or download a free skin with a cape. To do this follow the steps below:

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  • Visit the Minecraft Marketplace or any other site you like and browse for the skin you want. Download it on your device.
  • Log in to and click on Preferences in the top-left corner of your screen.
  • You should now see your current Minecraft skin. Click Choose File to the right of it.
  • Select your .png skin file and then click the Upload button.The website will refresh, and your character will appear dressed in the new skin. When you launch the game, the character will wear a cape (or any other skin you uploaded).

How To Get A Cape In Minecraft: Java Edition

Minecraft: Java Edition players need to jump through some obstacles to get the cape because there’s no other way to get these rare items in-game. With this method, however, players need to note that their hat will not be visible to anyone but themselves.

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The steps to get Cape in Minecraft: Java Version is given below:

  • Look for ‘Advanced Caps Mods’ on websites like ‘9Minecraft’ and download them.
  • After doing that, select your version of the game.
  • Follow the instructions on the websites and proceed.

Character creator capes

These capes are part of a promotion for the character maker option. Among them, only Pan Cape is free – it is available to all Bedrock players in the character creator Cape page.

  • (MINECON Live 2019) Founder’s Cape

How do you get a custom cape in Minecraft bedrock?

Getting the Cape for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  • Log in to your Minecraft account.
  • Locate the “It’s Your Turn to Move” prompt.
  • Verify your account with the relevant code sent to the correct email.
  • Enter the code and click “Submit and start migration”.
  • Players will need a new email and password.
  • Confirm date of birth and country.
  • Complete migration and unlock special cape.

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1 Go to
2 Input your 25-digit code in the “Enter Code” box.
3 Sign in with the Microsoft Account in which you would like to use the item.
4 Follow the instructions to download the item.

To build a boat in Minecraft, open the crafting area made of a 3×3 grid. Place 2 oak wood planks on either side in the first row and 3 oak wood planks in the second row. Once you’ve finished building the boat, move it to your inventory.

1 Open chat window. The easiest way to run commands in Minecraft is in a chat window.
2 Type the command. In this example, we’re going to invoke an armor stand in Minecraft Java version (PC/Mac) 1.14 with the following command: /summon armor_stand.