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best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

Every year, Minecraft developer Mojang brings new features to the game, including new biomes, mobs, gameplay changes, and more. Even after all these changes, the game still looks largely the same as it did a decade ago.

Some might call it continuity, while others get bored of seeing a similar world graphically. If you are in the latter group, you are in the right place.

Please note that newer versions of the game refer to “Texture Packs” as “Resource Packs”. They both work the same way, except the resource pack includes custom sounds and animations with textures.

All texture/resource packs on our list are compatible with Minecraft 1.19. So, as long as you are running the latest version of the game, you can use them without facing any difficulty.

1. Faithless

Faithless is very different from most of the texture packs on our list in terms of purpose. All the changes this texture pack has brought to the game have been made to make it more combat friendly.

best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update
best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

You can identify blocks more easily, areas are brighter and more vibrant, and well, unlike any regular texture pack, it also caters to players of color in the community. Therefore, in various contexts, Faithless is a really faithful resource pack for Minecraft 1.19.

2. Dandelion X

Dandelion X does two things for your Minecraft game. Firstly, this texture pack makes the game easier due to the lightweight texture, and it makes the Minecraft world more alive. You get fresher looking crowds, more inviting structures and an overall attractive world to play in.

Dandelion X
best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

However, to stay true to the gameplay experience, this mod makes Underground a little scarier than usual. So, be sure to carry a torch when you go on a mining adventure.

3. BetterVanillaBuilding

Minecraft has a distinctive look and feel, but what if you want to take that experience a step further? Better Vanilla Building might be the answer you were looking for. This minecraft 1.19 texture pack enhances the game’s visuals without taking away from the vanilla vibes.

best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

Once you’ve installed Optifine, you can combine different blocks to unlock new textures, a powerful tool for decorating your world the way you want. A similar mechanic applies to equipment and armor, with a slew of new textures you can unlock by renaming them in Anvil.

If you are interested in the add-on, you can download the Shrub Foliage add-on from here or use connected textures for natural blocks from here.

Better Vanilla Building adds a breath of fresh air to the game’s iconic aesthetic, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. If you’re a player who enjoys live demos, you can access the team’s dedicated servers to view the fully textured pack at play.bettervanillabuild.com.

4. Jicklus

Jiclus is a x16 texture pack that aims to transform your Minecraft world into a relaxing fantasy world. Each block texture shows a level of detail and care that shines through the screen!

The texture pack fits in perfectly with any theme, but many players have used Jiculous for their medieval-themed worlds.

best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

This resource pack also offers three add-ons, depending on whether you want to replace the foliage and some of the blocks with pink variations, autumn vibes, or just include golden birch tree leaves.

Although these add-ons are not yet available for Minecraft 1.19, we still think that some players may feel interested in using them when testing Ziklus in older examples. These are available for download through the same Curse Forge detail page we’ve included above.

If you want to add a shader pack with Jiculous, the authors recommend using Sildur’s shaders to create a unique visual combination. You can find Jicklus for Bedrock players on the Minecraft Marketplace.

5. Super Pack 4×4

Super Pack 4×4 has a classic pixelated appearance that looks great and gives a considerable FPS advantage by compressing Minecraft’s graphics to a 4×4 size.

Weather effects are significantly reduced, ensuring that things like rain and snow don’t cause FPS concerns later on.

Super Pack 4x4
best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

Another great feature of this pack is that players can still tell which bricks are which. This eliminates any misunderstandings caused by reducing the texture.

The objects and tools are also given a pixelated downscaling aesthetic to harmonize with the general tone of the collection.

6. PixelPack

The PixelPack, like the 1×1/2×2, does everything it can to free up resources on the player’s system. Some blocks are reduced to as little as a base color, making it difficult to distinguish between andesite and diorite.

best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

The texture in this kit has been made extremely simple. However, this practically limits how far in-game scenes can be pushed to reduce the processing burden on a player’s system.

If gamers have exhausted all other FPS lowering measures, this texture pack could be the last resort.

Is there a Minecraft FPS booster?

Frames per second (fps) measures the number of images your computer can project every second. If your computer can use a higher FPS, it means that your screen will show more images per second. With this you can see smooth animation. Low frame rate makes your Minecraft gameplay sluggish or stutter.

And because the paused gameplay isn’t enjoyable, 60 fps is already a good standard.

However, if you’re not really a particular kind of player, 30-45 FPS is already acceptable for most people, but not the kind you’d probably prefer. 45-60 FPS gives you fluid animations without the laggy interface. 60-90 FPS gives you fluid animation gameplay without lag. Now, for 60-90 FPS, you can enjoy super smooth animations that you’ll probably want to play all day!

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