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How to get free vanilla cape in Minecraft

Cape Minecraft has special and rare skin modifications that not many players have. These can be attached to the back of a character and are specially designed by Mojang.

Some capes are available only to Mojang employees, while other capes are given to players and fans who have participated in past Minecon events or are just lucky winners.

Upcoming Free Minecraft Cape Details

Typically, Minecraft only releases its cape on special events or, in particular, to certain individuals for their contribution to the game. But, now, it seems that Minecraft wants to celebrate your dedication to the game. In a recent community post, Minecraft announced that it’s bringing a “vanilla cape” to all players who purchased both Minecraft Java and Bedrock before it began selling it as a combo.

This means that, if you had both versions of the game before June 6, 2022, you will automatically receive this new cape in the coming days. But if you bought both the versions for the price of one, you will not be eligible to get this cape. So, at this point in time, there’s nothing you can do to get the cape. If you bought both versions before merging into one combo, you can enjoy the bounty of Vanilla Cape.

Qualified Java players will find the new Minecraft cape in the customization section of their launcher, and Bedrock players will see it in the dressing room. The cape will work on both versions of the same and should reach players at the same time. However, for not being the bearer of bad news, the post has since been taken down.

How to get a cape in Minecraft with mods like OptiFine

There are a lot of Minecraft mods that can get you a cape. But the best of these mods – although it costs a little money – is Optifine.

If you haven’t heard of it already, OptiFine is a massive Minecraft mod that revamps the game’s graphics engine and lets you optimize the game for your computer. This is probably the most popular Minecraft mod ever, and a requirement for anyone who wants to install a shader pack.

Along with performance tweaks, OptiFine also gives you the ability to design and wear a custom cape. But unlike other features of the mod, there are cape locks at the beginning.

OptiFine is free to download, but to unlock the cap, you’ll need to donate $10 to the OptiFine team. You can donate from this webpage and choose your cape design. You will need to provide your Minecraft username and email address

You can change the cape’s design (or deactivate it temporarily) at any time by opening Minecraft, going to Options, Skin Customization, OptiFine Cape, and then the Cape Editor.

By default only the colors can be changed, but you can also select the banner option and then follow the instructions on this page to create a custom cape.

How to install capes in Minecraft

Caps can be called a true forbidden fruit in Minecraft, after all, just because they are not set, moreover, most players saw him on the server, but thanks to us, now everything is possible! Although it can be said that Fruits remains taboo, because you need a premium to install Cape, but it is done with good intentions: support our launcher material resources, the unique feature among Cape players. In fact, don’t install it at all via official or other launchers, especially to reflect on the server, so premium is a logical phenomenon.

Of course, you must have a US account and to log in to the launcher, this process is already described in the article – How to install skins in Minecraft.

After purchasing a premium status (how to activate premium?) your profile should have “active” written next to premium, meaning all features of premium access for you, including course quotes.

Now you can use the “Upload a Cape” button, you need to select the file cap from your computer. Recommend using a size of 64×32 cape, as they are displayed perfectly, plus we allow the use of higher resolution of cape! In addition, there are already coat options in the catalog, you can choose a few.

After uploading your cape or installing from a directory your character will appear behind the cape on the profile, then the installation was successful. Now you can enter the game using our launcher and enjoy!

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