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Best Minecraft Enchantments You Should Use

To enchant, you can create an enchantment table in Minecraft. Or, you can use enchanted books in Minecraft to enchant more easily. Now, to make it easier for you to choose, we’ve listed the best and most unique spells for a variety of in-game items.

You can freely select them to create a collection of enchanted items for yourself. But it is going to take a long time to assemble these spells. So, without further ado, let’s start our search for the best spells in Minecraft for 2022.

All the best spells listed in this article work on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions. We’ve tested all spells even on the latest Minecraft 1.19 update, so you can be sure of their compatibility. Plus, our list isn’t ranked in any way, so feel free to explore the mantras you’re interested in.

Best helmet enchantments in Minecraft

The helmet is one of the pieces of armor that has a number of enchantment options, both useful and useless. Useful ones are powerful and will make gameplay a breeze while useless ones will lead to frustration and pointless levels.

Helmets of all types – including leather, chainmail, turtle shell, gold, iron, diamond and netherite – can be enchanted. If you’re not sure where to start or are overwhelmed by the number of spells available, here’s a complete list of the best spells available for Minecraft helmets.

1. Respiration

After diving into the lava pit, focus on the water for our next best magic in Minecraft. There is a special attraction for the respiratory helmet. This allows you to hold your breath underwater for longer periods. Previously, it also gave players enhanced underwater vision, but the developers removed it from newer versions of the game.

It has a maximum of 3 levels, the highest giving you a total of 60 seconds before drowning. Magic can be applied to a regular helmet or even a turtle shell helmet. Adding it to the turtle’s shell will give you an additional 10 seconds of underwater respiration. This is a very useful attraction for exploring the monuments of the sea and much more.

2. Protection

Protection is essential when players are using armor in Minecraft. This is one of the best attractions for players to put on their armor as it can be very beneficial for them.

This enchantment increases the damage reduction of the player’s armor. The player will receive more overall protection against normal damage in the Minecraft world. Players can use this spell for added protection from the elements such as fire, lava, falls and mob attacks.

3. Mending

This is one of the unique and best bow spells in Minecraft. Unlike all other spells, this one doesn’t help you target your enemies. But it helps you repair your bow so you can shoot more arrows with it, which will eventually help you get the job done of taking down enemies.

Every time you kill an enemy or mob, the revamping spell will use the XP experience to repair your bow. This amazing enchantment will save you time and effort having to go back to your base or make another bow using the resources.

4. Protection IV

The most important attraction for any piece of armor is the highest possible level of protection. Protection IV is the highest level available in Minecraft and will provide the best protection for players, so they should aim for this level of enchantment on their helmet.

While other specific protection spells exist, such as fire, projectile, and blast protection, these will conflict with general protection. This means that players should always opt for regular protection as it reduces armor and all damage taken by the player, rather than just a specific damage type.

Players are often confused into thinking they need all versions of protection, but while Fire, Projectile, and Blast Protection will only protect players from that specific type of damage, general protection magic protects players from any and all types of damage.

5. Mending I

As well as unbreaking players, they must also cast mending spells before they begin using their helmets. Melting converts experience into restored durability for that item, meaning that as long as players consistently perform activities that provide experience, such as mining or killing mobs, the helmet they are wearing will always be of full durability. will be reinstated. There is only one level of mending, but all players need to make sure their helmet stays in place forever.

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