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What are the best guns in PUBG Mobile | most popular gun in pubg mobile

This beast is one of my all-time favorites in the game, for me it’s the perfect mix of UZI and UMP9. Very few repetitions. Every good thing has its downsides and vectors too. It only has a mag capacity of 13 (sigh).

The only condition in which I reject Vector is when I’m not equipped with the SMG’s Extended QuickDraw Mag. With that particular magazine its capacity goes up to 25, still short but manageable. I prefer to use the red dot or holographic on it which I use in close combat situations.

top 5 guns in pubg mobile game

M416 pubg gun – The M416 outlasts almost all assault rifles because it’s the easiest to use, and delivers a decent amount of damage and it accepts any attachment you throw at it.

In an unmodified state, the SCAR-L is on par with the M416, but fully modified it comes out on top in terms of damage per second (DPS), stability and rate of fire.

Overall, this is a brilliant artist who doesn’t do anything fancy and just gets the job done, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Groza gun in pubg mobile

A rare drop found only in crates, think of the Groza as an AKM assault rifle paired with the insane rate of fire of a submachine gun. Assuming you are within range of your target, this is by far the most powerful assault rifle in the game. Start firing at someone from afar though and it really starts to struggle.

The Groza has a few other obvious flaws you should be aware of, the biggest being its long reload time of 3 seconds (without the QuickDraw magazine) and its conspicuous lack of an attachment slot. Treat it like a pseudo assault rifle, though, and you’ll be too enamored to notice its shortcomings.

AWM gun pubg mobile– When it comes to sarcasm, AWM reigns supreme. It’s able to wipe out enemies before they blink, a rare treasure found only in crates – simply put, this weapon is an absolute monster. Hit anyone in the head, whether they’re wearing a Level 3 helmet or not, and they’ll die.

Two bullets hit the body – again, dead. You’ll typically find 8x scope in the crate with AWM, which means it’s a free pass for long-range domination. It is also flexible enough to support other short range scopes and has rocket-like bullet velocity which means almost no bullet drop. It also sounds incredible, with a soulful boom that resonates with each bullet.

The AWM’s main weakness is its bolt-action, which means it takes time to reload a round in between shots. Additionally, it only takes the unique. 300 ammunition that can be found nowhere other than in the crate. Miss too many shots and it’s your lot.

The DP-28 Pubg mobile– DP-28! I get so excited when I see this gun and often shout “oh my god, oh my god, this is my DP!” Shameful. A hard hitting machine gun, holds a good amount of bullets, and allows me to kill as many enemies as I can before the round is over.

The damage done is incredible, the recoil is easy to control and it’s great for both short and long range combat. If I don’t have AWM or a good sniper, I use DP as a replacement.

The only issue with this is that there’s no room for an 8x scope (for obvious reasons) but the eye, focus your vision and aim patiently and bam, it’s a beauty! While the reload time is about 7 seconds, if I’m cornered, I switch to using the M416 or Scar-L.

UZI gun PUBG mobile – Its batshit crazy. If you don’t have a big gun but find a UZI, take my words you got your first kill. Its blazing fast firing rate and almost no recoil and damage is enough to bring your opponent to their knees. I am a big fan of this mini gun because of its near-destructive power. Uses 9mm bullets.

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