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top 5 best weapons in legend of zelda breath of the wild

Breath of the Wild has many weapons scattered throughout its vast world. Takes the best of time to get, but Link can use up some great options quickly.

For most of its ardent fans, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Stories shines as a major evolutionary step in the Zelda series, and it’s only going to get better with the anticipated Breath of the Wild sequel.

When it comes to this enchanting adventure, it is important for players to have an arsenal of strong, reliable weapons. This is especially the case in which most routinely observe a tendency to break.

1. Ancient Battle Axe++

Ancient War Ax ++ is the strongest of the ancient battle axes that can be found in the game.

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All the weapons made by Guardian Scouts are very powerful, but Ancient Battle X++ is one of the best ever. this is the weapon used by the strongest Guardian Scouts.

Anyone who has faced off against them in the Major Test of Strength shrines in Breath of the Wild will know that the Guardian Scouts are no joke. Ancient Battle Ax++ has a base damage of 60 which can be increased through armor sets and recipes.

2. Savage Lynel Crusher

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While the Mighty Lineal Crusher isn’t exactly a weak weapon, the Savage Lineal Crusher looks like it, boasts an attack rating of 78 and is generally considered one of the more powerful weapons in Breath of the Wild.

The Savage Linal Crusher is much rarer than the Mighty Linal Crusher, and can only be obtained from white maned linales, two of which can be found in the Hebra and Aldin mountain ranges in Hyrule.

3. Ancient gear

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You’ll first encounter ancient weapons – and their signature, glowing blades – after defeating the miniature guardian robot in the battle-themed shrine.

These weapons generally do a lot of damage, but are less durable, so save them when you need them the most. However, not all ancient weapons are created equal, and there are two sources for finding the most powerful weapons.

4. Fire Rod

There is nothing quite like setting fire to your enemies. Such is the appeal of this classic weapon.

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First appearing in “A Link to the Past”, the fire rod is another of Link’s weapons that have changed from game to game. “Breathe of the Wild” took it back to its roots by allowing Link to fire massive fireballs at his enemies.

But the most impressive and most rewarding Fire Rod 3DS title came in, “A Link Between Worlds.” Here, the item shoots a column of fire that moves in a straight line, repelling enemies and hitting them multiple times. It’s a simple tool, yes, but awesome nonetheless.

5. Lizal Boomerang

Although its base power is at least 10, the Lizle Boomerang is a handy, versatile tool at anyone’s disposal.

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Of course, it can be treated as a ranged weapon and thrown at unsuspecting enemies. Additionally, it can also be wielded as a curved sword and can be wielded as a one-handed melee weapon.

What’s more, this weapon is easy to come by. It often falls from common lizalfos within the Lanayru Wetlands, which do not require much travel from the Great Plateau, the starting area of ​​Breath of the Wild.

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1 Great Fairy’s Sword.
2 Ganondorf’s Sword.
3 Biggoron’s Sword.
4 Master Sword.
5 Claymore.
6 Gilded Sword.
7 Boulder Breaker.

1 Dako Tah Shrine.
2 Mirro Shaz Shrine.
3 Hila Rao Shrine.
4 Daka Tuss Shrine.
5 Rohta Chigah Shrine.
6 Rona Kachta Shrine.
7 Lakna Rokee Shrine.
8 Kayra Mah Shrine.