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Jaden Ivey injury update: Pistons get good news today

Jaden Ivey has made Detroit City buzz since the Pistons drafted a Purdue guard in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft.

The buzz stems from the feeling that Ivey is in the process of becoming a star. However, this weekend the talk was filled with more anxiety than excitement. That’s because the rookie suffered an ankle injury during an NBA Summer League game on Saturday.

Fans can hold their breath thanks to an update from the man himself.

Jaden Ivey injury update

This may be the best possible update for Pistons. Ankle injuries aren’t always the biggest concern but they can set players back for a long time.

Obviously, the preferred result would be no injury. Ivey may have missed some time due to necessity or caution.

He scored 11 points in five minutes, hitting both of his field goal attempts and downing six free throws, before going down with an injury.

The Summer League is a great opportunity for young players to be part of the limelight. Ive was taking full advantage of that opportunity before the injury. Unfortunately, this is the downside of Summer League, as injuries do happen. At least it wasn’t particularly bad and shouldn’t get in the way of Ivey’s upcoming party this year.

Pistons rookie Jaden Ivey’s 4-word update on Summer League injury

After an impressive performance in his NBA Summer League debut, Jaden Ivey has already proved that the Detroit Pistons make him the right choice to pick him fifth overall in the 2022 NBA Draft.

In his second game, he was on his way to another strong game, scoring 11 points in five minutes. Then, he suffered an ankle injury after Washington Wizards forward Isaiah Todd encroached on his landing spot during a 3-point attempt. Ivey took his free-throw attempts before exiting the game and not returning to action.

Jaden Ivey shared on Twitter that this is nothing serious. The pistons are certainly breathing a sigh of relief. Although there is no update on his official status yet, it is a good sign that he has not sustained a serious injury in the game.

The first of Jaden Ivey’s Summer League games saw him collect 20 points, six rebounds and six assists in a thrilling fashion. The Purdue product displayed explosive athleticism that made him one of the best prospects in his draft class.

Ivy’s superb scoring abilities will give Detroit a much-needed boost this season. Not only does he have the ability to dominate with the ball, but he can also be a formidable off-ball weapon. The 20-year-old will be an important part of the Pistons’ rebuild, especially if he can harness his playing ability and be solid on defense as well.

Detroit Pistons: Ankles are the nemesis

Last season also started with some rolled ankles as both Isaiah Stewart and Cade Cunningham suffered injuries at various points in the preseason.

Both ended modestly (which we hope is the case with Ivey) but it set both players back. Stewart didn’t miss a game, but he looked a step slower and wasn’t getting off the floor as fast as we used to.

Cade missed a few games at the end of the offseason, which undoubtedly contributed to his slow start last season.

The only good thing is that it happened in the Summer League so Ivey will have plenty of time to recover, but you don’t like to see a young player’s career start like this, especially when Ivey first He looked great in the second half of the game. Beginning of game 2.

Let’s hope Jaden Ivey’s injury is minor and that he recovers fast so that the Pistons don’t back down from a * ankle once again.

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