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Top 10 anime series of all time

Who decides which is the best anime series of all time? Me? You? Or maybe it’s a matter of personal taste. There’s a lot to consider when putting together a list like this.

As such, whether to place quality on fan favorites or if the most influential anime series deserves a special place at the top.

After receiving a considerable amount of love (and hate) for my 15 Most Powerful Anime Characters list, I thought I’d also list the top 10 best anime series of all time.


The Naruto anime series ran between 2002 and 2007, with Naruto: Shippuden airing between 2007 and 2017. The series is based on the Weekly Shnen Jump manga by Masashi Kishimoto, released in 1999.

The series revolves around a fictional anime world of Shinobi, where Naruto learns to become a ninja master with the help of his friends and other masters. The ninja techniques used in battle are derived from chakra energy.

Dealing with themes of strong bonds with friends and family, betrayal and overcoming various situations, the show is an intriguing adventure for the ages. The show is easy to enter, especially for newcomers and is widely regarded by many fans as a top anime on all top 10 lists and for many, even number one. But it also deserves its place.

Sailor Moon

Like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon was the introductory anime for many fans that hooked them to life. The series is more than the sum of its already brilliant parts, with gorgeous animation, an empowering story of friendship and love with a rich mythology, and characters that feel real, with flaws, goals, and heartbreak.

To humanize against a larger than life fantasy background. You didn’t watch each monster-of-the-week episode to see how the Sailor Scouts will take him down; You kept watching because you wanted to see the chemistry between Usagi, Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako in everything from playing in the arcade to learning the secrets of their Moon Kingdom legacy.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z was a gateway drug for many young anime fans, and for good reason. The series isn’t particularly deep, as it originally revolved around superhuman martial artist Goku and his friends, testing their abilities against an increasingly powerful and outlandish series of enemies.

But what the series lacks in terms of plot, it more than makes up for in humour, devious characters, and incredible action. How can you not have fun with a martial arts fantasy where most of the characters are strong enough to shatter planets with their bare hands? -Jesse Schedin

Devilman Crybaby

Unlike most of Netflix’s original programming, Devilman Crybaby features a concise and moving story spanning 10 episodes. But be warned, Devilman Crybaby with the parents in the room will certainly make younger audiences extremely uncomfortable with its candid portrayal of sex, violence, and profanity.

But in search of what some might consider dirt, Devilman Crybaby explores humanity. This loose interpretation of the biblical apocalypse—Devilman Crybaby, a deeply modern take on the Book of Revelation—is a study of love, sacrifice, and God’s love (or scorn) for humanity.

Dragon Ball Z

A treat from our childhood, Dragon Ball Z is another version of the Dragon Ball franchise. The story narrates the adventures of a Saiyan Son Goku who wants to become the strongest in the world. The series is based on Akira Toriyama’s manga Dragon Ball.

The series begins 5 years after the first anime version with Goku now a young adult and the father of his son Gohan. This version of the series became extremely popular especially with its fiery arcs and Goku with his strength and determination reached new heights with fan favorite characters like Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo and more.

Code Geass

Another classic pick, the anime’s full title is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. The story follows the exiled prince Lelouch V Britannia, whom C.C. The “power of absolute obedience” comes from a mysterious woman named at an alternate time.

He leads a rebellion against the sovereignty of the Holy Britannian Empire, using this supernatural power to lead a series of mecha fights known as Geass. Many hail the series as the best ever for the close to perfection character development and suspenseful story.

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