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minecraft crafting recipes 1.9 update

Minecraft is one of the few video games recognized for the massive amount of content material in its world. Each product and entity within the game tells its own individual story and allows players to perform specific tasks, unlock (or simply enjoy) new points of the game.

As a game based primarily on survival in a remote environment, a large part of your progress is devoted to creating new gadgets and using them as upgrades to the previous ones. The crafting mechanic is one of the most essential mechanics within the game.

It allows players to create equipment, food, potions, blocks, health equipment, weapons, equipment, armor and many more. Creating a merchandise in Minecraft is like preparing a meal. Each trade requires a certain variety of special crafting elements. Collectively, these ingredients are known as an artisan recipe.



Taking on the Ender Dragon, the Wither, or your strange, con neighbors? It would be better if you pile up some golden apples. These apples are powerful, providing Absorption I and Regeneration II all at once, giving you everything you need to take down everything that comes your way. The problem is, and the reason it’s so rare is that it’s also expensive. It takes 8 gold ingots to make one golden apple. Totally worth it though! with honesty! I promise!

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How do you make a golden apple?

When making golden apples, it is important that the objects are placed in the exact pattern as in the image below. There should be 3 gold ingots in the first row. In the second row there should be 1 gold ingot in the first box, 1 apple in the second box and 1 gold ingot in the third box. There should be 3 gold ingots in the third row.


How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

To make a beacon in Minecraft, you need to collect 5 pieces of glass, 3 blocks of obsidian, and a Nether Star. Glass and obsidian are relatively easy to obtain: melt sand in a furnace to obtain glass, and pour a bucket of water over the lava to obtain obsidian.

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Remember that you need a diamond or netherite pickaxe to mine obsidian. To get a Nether Star, you have to defeat Wither, which is a boss mob. When you hit Wither, it will drop a Nether Star, which is only used when creating Beacon.

To make a beacon, you need to mix these ingredients in the following order: However, you can’t just use it by laying it down. First, you need to build a pyramid, which is your first step towards activating the beacons.


how to make sticky piston in minecraft

It is very easy to make sticky pistons or pistons in Minecraft when the materials are obtained. This requires an interface to enter the crafting table, with two cubes on each side placed in the middle row of cobblestone and in the middle pig iron.

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Repeat by placing two cubes side paver in the bottom row, but the redstone in the middle. The piston appears in the result, it will just click on it and since this cube Minecraft is obtained.

To create a sticky piston, the crafting table must be re-entered and the piston must be placed in the space between the bottom and top row of the drop ball slime. These steps can quickly and easily pull two types of pistons.

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