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How to get the GTA Online Service Carbine

A GTA Online service carbine, styled on the classic M16 rifle, has appeared in a screenshot promoting the latest update, but has yet to appear in-game. Details of the M16 discovered in the files suggest that collectible hunting involving crime scenes will be needed to earn this gun, so if you’re willing to test out the firepower of the GTA Online service carbine, Here’s everything we know so far about how to get the M16.

GTA Online players will be able to get the Criminal Enterprises Update’s Service Carbine via a brand new collectible, but it’s not out yet. Another new weapon, the Precision Rifle, is available for purchase from Ammu-Nation for $450,000. Considering how easy it is to get to Ammu-Nation, no guide on how to get a Precision Rifle is needed. However, service carbines are a different story.

GTA Online: How to get the Precision Rifle

The Precision Rifle is the easiest weapon to acquire in the Criminal Enterprises Update. Simply visit the nearest ammunition store, and you’ll find it in the sniper rifle section. It sells for 450,000 GTA$, so you’ll need a chunky wallet to keep up with it.

It is a super powerful, super accurate sniper rifle that is capable of taking out enemies from afar with ease. It’s also perfect for the many new Operation Paper Trail missions added in this update, including ULP: Intelligence and ULP: Asset Caesar.

GTA Online: When will the M16 Service Carbine be added

At the beginning of this piece, we mentioned the M16 Service Carbine as the second new weapon, so you may be wondering how to get it! Unfortunately, this weapon has not yet been added to the game. We know how to achieve this for data miners, but it’s unattainable right now.

What we do know is that this is not the gun you can buy. Instead, you have to hunt down different parts of the weapon at crime scenes spread across the map. Once it’s added to the game, we’ll have a new guide that explains how to get it in detail!

New Weapons In GTA 5 Online

The new GTA Online weapon has arrived in the form of the Precision Rifle, which is already online, with the M16 Service Rifle to be found later. These GTA Online new weapons should shake up the game as you improve your arsenal in battle against other players. With recent updates, such as the flurry of Oppressor Mk2, it’s clear that the battle balance is shifting, and adding new weapons to GTA Online can only help spice things up.

It’s also about time because after years of improvements, GTA Online now has about 100 different weapons, from simple knuckledusters and pool cues to Up-N-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker (from in-game inspired) include fundamentally futuristic alternatives. cartoon series Republican Space Rangers). If you want to keep the latest shooters, here are the latest GTA Online new weapons to be uploaded to the cache.

What Are the Latest GTA Online New Weapons

The Precision Rifle, which was included as part of GTA Online’s The Criminal Enterprises update, is the latest GTA Online new weapon. It is currently available for purchase at Ammu-Nation stores.

This bolt-action gun has remarkable accuracy at a long range, so you can use it to take aim from afar—but unlike a sniper rifle, you can’t set a sight to it, so you can easily shoot at enemies.

cannot attack. They have crossed a certain limit. Bring one with you on the GTA Online Operation Paper Trail mission, and it can help clear the way for you if you find yourself surrounded by enemies.

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