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Best Android Games On Google Play Store, 2022

Best Android games can make you look forward to that long air journey or subway journey in the morning.

They will turn your phone or tablet into a portal to the wonderful digital world. The Google Play Store has its fair share of mediocre games and shameless rip-offs, but there are an increasing number of games that are actually worth your time.

If you know where to look, you’ll find fiendish puzzlers, satisfying platformers, and RPGs that can easily eat up 100 hours of your time, no matter where you are. We have scoured them all to come up with this list of gems.

Sky: Children of Light

Sky: Children of Light is an excellent adventure game from 2022. The game has seven worlds for you to discover, a variety of character customizations you could want, some really excellent graphics, and one of the most unique social experiences on any game. ,

You can interact with players in the game without voice or text chat (although text chats are available). Players draw your attention to take you to where you need to be by holding your hand and taking you with them.

It is very charming. There are a bunch of really great adventure games out there, but Sky: Child of Light is something different.

Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League combines soccer, rocket-powered cars and billiards into one frenetic, multiplayer sport for console and PC. Rocket League SideSwipe, on the other hand, brings that addictive formula to the mobile scene.

It streamlines the action for easy play on mobile devices, without sacrificing the nuances that make the whole game so enjoyable.

You still shoot, bounce or nudge a giant soccer ball into your opponent’s hoop or goal, but the action is presented in a 2D, side-scrolling case. Gameplay is deep thanks to the complex ball physics, and online, 1v1 and 2v2 matches that offer endless challenge.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

We have a theory that Android JRPGs perform better when they are ports of existing games, rather than built for mobile from the ground up (which often leads to simplification and micro-transactions).

Battle Chaser: Nightwar, a portmanteau, credits that principle—it’s a long, complex, party-based RPG that shines in combat, where your squad’s long list of attacks and abilities respond to each other in creative ways. gives.

One character can ignite an enemy, causing another to launch a critical attack, allowing a third to heal the entire party. It’s in finding these synergies—with beautiful art, solid voice acting, and easy-to-understand touch controls—that Battle Chaser: Nightwar shines just like PC and consoles.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends, the hit free-to-play battle royale, has arrived on mobile. It’s an awesome first-person shooter that feels just like the original game. While the touchscreen controls feel a bit cramped, you can use a controller (and we recommend you do so).

You have a few legends to choose from from the start, unlocking more as you level up. Experience thrilling gunplay, expansive World’s Edge maps and adrenaline-filled matches as you fight for supremacy. If you’ve never played Battle Royale, Apex Legends is probably one of the best.


Minecraft is a game that needs no introduction. Mojang’s open-world voxel sandbox content should sound familiar to most. You can build like Lego in free-play mode or jump into survival mode to kick off your days. Multiplayer content is a big part of the game, and while the store is filled with all kinds of content to buy, at least the primary gameplay loop remains consistent.

Controllers are supported out of the box, and the touchscreen controls are very useful. All around, it’s a solid port of a great game that offers hundreds of hours of gameplay. For the asking price, you really can’t go wrong.

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Which is the most downloaded Android game in play store?

Characteristic Number of downloads in millions
Subway Surfers 17.98
Merge Master – Dinosaur Fusion 15.55
Roblox 14.35
Candy Crush Saga 12.33


1 Classic TC with WordPower.
2 Safe Session Voice.
4 iVIP Black.
5 CyberTuner.
6 app.Cash.
7 vueCAD Pro.
8 Every app has a price.

1 Halfbrick Studios games.
2 Monument Valley 1 and 2.
3 Nintendo games.
4 Noodlecake Studios games.
5 Pokemon Go.

Open world games are some of the most popular because of the number of hours you can spend on them! These are the most immersive.
1 Forza Horizon 3, 4, & 5.
2 Horizon Zero Dawn & Horizon Forbidden West.
3 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
4 Fallout 4.
5 Grand Theft Auto 5.