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top 5 Best Train Levels in Video Games, ranked

You are not a true gamer until you have played your fair share of strategy games related to train!

Within a genre that only a few know existed, Locomotive is an eclectic world of experiences that you’ll feel quite accomplished.

From present day setting to old west themes, these games will surely set you up in search of some locomotive action. If you are curious about venturing into the world of train engine games, here is a list of top 5 train games!

1. Our Best Selves (Red Dead Redemption 2)

A lot trains in Red Dead Redemption 2, with protagonist Arthur Morgan being part of the infamous Van der Linde gang. Among their crimes is train robbery, which they commit several times throughout the game, so there are plenty of train missions to choose from, both in side activities in the story missions.

But the game’s final train mission is the most chaotic and action-packed, with stealthy approach breaks, a car catching fire and exploding, and a Gatling gun shootout with a troop of US Army soldiers. it happens. This is a big climax moment for the game, and therefore deserves to be included here.

2. Tracks – The Toy Train Set Game

After slashing the numbers and fine-tuning of heavy-handed train sims, it might be good to relax with something a little more light-hearted and leisurely. That’s where Trax – Toy Train Set Game comes in. Tracks is a sandbox-style building game with no real objective other than you can imagine using wooden toy trains and tracks. You know, like people from childhood.

It’s the nostalgia that makes the tracks so entertaining. It is the perfect place to feel all those gorgeous designs which your young self cannot articulate through toys. Equal parts catchy and creative, the track is the perfect way to spread that dormant spirit of childhood artistry.

3. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Another Star Wars game to make this list, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order expertly blends fast and immersive combat with a story that shows you what the galaxy was like after the Jedi Purge, one of the earliest levels. There was a high-speed train. The game makes this sci-fi train the perfect place to… train.

You’ll unleash melee attacks, defend against blaster fire, and learn how to best use the environment to your advantage. Combine this with a gorgeous rendering of Cal’s lightsaber swinging through the rain, and you get one of the most memorable train training sequences of the PS4 generation.

4. Subway Shootout “Max Payne 3

Max’s length of hard-boiled and bloody kneeling ex-cop Max blurs the line between vigilante justice and suicidal tendencies to bring “Payne” up to the bad guys; However, we have a feeling that his choice of engaging in a blatant shootout while riding the subway actually leans towards the latter.

Ah well, makes for great gaming fun. In an action sequence straight from a Hollywood movie, bullets go off and glass is broken. Cover is important, as avoiding enemy bullets is just as important as shooting back; The best offense is a good defense, isn’t it? Or is it the other way around? It’s a simple setup done with great execution in a blazing battle for the finish line.

5. Train Simulator

Founded in 2009, the Train Simulator series tasks players with operating trains from the inside. If you don’t like the detailed, zoomed-out view of railroad management games, Train Simulator is the antidote. You will sit in the cabin of a locomotive, pull the lever and turn the knob from a first person perspective.

It’s a deliberate, meticulous experience that deviates wildly from the business management-focused approach of a railroad tycoon or railway empire.

The Train Simulator community is active, and developer Dovetail Games is constantly updating the game with new trains, routes, and challenges. If you’re looking for a change of perspective, imagine yourself a crack engineer, or just want to drive some trains, step into the cabin of a train simulator.

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1 Highbrow Interactive train games.
2 OpenTTD.
3 Pocket Trains.
4 Train Sim.
5 Train Station 2.
6 Bonus: emulators.

1 Download the update 1.4 by clicking on this link.
2 Run the zipped installer and switch the default path with the path that leads to Train Simulator installation folder (e.g. D:MSTS).
3 Click Unzip.

1 All Costumes – Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, $1,117.
2 All Songs – Rocksmith, $6,554.
3 Ruler Of Wraeclast Pack – Path Of Exile, $12,500.
4 Legatus Pack – Star Citizen $27,000.
5 Diamond Chisel – Curiosity, $77,000.
6 Planet Calypso – Entropia Universe, $6,000,000.