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15 most powerful mcu characters

The multiverse is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with some powerful Marvel characters. While the MCU teased it in Spider-Man: Far From Home, it was a misdirection, and the movie teased fans for something that didn’t happen in the end. That all changed with Loki, and now the multiverse is real and a threat to the Marvel Universe.

It takes a quick look at the comics to see just how dangerous the multiverse is to the world in general. On top of the dangers of these alternate Earths, many of which are post-apocalyptic wastelands, there live extremely powerful heroes and villains, who are much more powerful than the heroes on mainstream Earth.

Loki Variants

The Disney+ series eventually convinced fans that the MCU’s Loki was a misunderstood character, with Tom Hiddleston’s version in the lead. Other Loki, including Sylvie, the Boastful Loki, the Classic Loki, all differed in their powers of magical illusion and outright sorcery.

Loki and Sylvie were able to defy Time Variance Authority throughout, reinforcing their power levels, both becoming the first to return from being truncated by the end of Time. They were defeated on occasion, but the fact that Loki variants were the only ones who managed to take down Who Remains is a testament to their skills and abilities.


The Eternals didn’t come out as strong as Marvel promoted them, with all the members appearing to be more or less the same power level as the regular heroes. However, Ikaris was an exception, defeating each one on his own in the film’s conclusion.

Icaris’s ability to fly at any speed that wanted to shoot and remove lasers from his eyes made him nearly invincible, with Icaris eventually holding back when he realized he was about to destroy his kind. He could have been one of the most powerful villains if he had chosen to wreak more havoc.

Doctor Strange Supreme

There is no character stronger than one who absorbs the powers of other beings. The Strange Supreme did the same after taking on the greatest of magical creatures and wizards to enhance his abilities, where his universe was destroyed besides him.

His great display of power was when he mocked Ultron’s attempt to destroy the universe in which Strange exploded and consumed it. Strange’s powers were such that he protected all the Guardians of the Multiverse from Ultron’s powers, eventually sealing Ultron and Killmonger in a cover that only he could reverse.


An argument can easily be made that Loki has been the best villain in the MCU, although he is not ranked highly, because A: he is not really any more powerful than the other Asgardians on his own (although he himself Best I can catch up with), and B: He’s been redeemed twice in two different timelines. Meaning his villainous tendencies are not made to last as he cares for the people close to him and may even form new associations.

Speaking of Loki’s strength, he is a cunning manipulator, a master of deception and delusion, and he once commanded an alien army in a complete invasion of Earth, whose sole objective is to rule over all mankind. Tha – Controlling the Mana Stone Process (he even killed Agent Coulson!) He’s one of the best and most charismatic opponents around, but he’s not strong enough to eventually rank high.

Arthur Harrow

Okay, this place was a bit of a wild card. But there are a lot of skilled and super-powered bad guys in the MCU who come with their soldiers. Aldrich Killian of AIM. Killmonger. Caesilius. But let’s leave it to Arthur Harrow, whose main goal was originally to do a short “snap”. Only one on earth. who would kill the children.

Harrow seeks to put an end to the “evil choice” by resurrecting the Egyptian god Ammit, who would then wipe out anyone deemed unworthy because of sins and crimes they have not yet committed. This is a massive Project Insight, with free will once again in the crosshairs.

To accomplish this goal of a tainted utopia, the former Moon Knight Harrow possesses a fraction of Ammit’s power, allowing him to touch people and kill them based on Ammit’s decision. Add to this the Fight Club-style followers of their woven society and you’ve got quite the catastrophic cult going on.


Right off the bat, here’s someone you know for sure. The God of Thunder is undoubtedly one of the most powerful traditional superheroes in the Marvel Universe, with his Asgardian physiology and divine birthright giving him some impressive abilities.

Thor is physically one of the strongest characters in existence; He is almost invulnerable to damage; And his hammer Mjolnir gives him control over the weather as well as access to massive amounts of destructive energy.


While Mephisto isn’t technically the Devil, you’d be forgiven for thinking as much: He looks like a traditional Christian depiction of Satan, and encourages these comparisons himself. In fact, Mephisto is a powerful extra-dimensional demon who rules a dimension called Hell.

While he’s in his dimension, Mephisto is arguably unbeatable — but even when he’s out he’s extremely formidable, with inherent magical abilities, functional immortality, and reality-warping powers to create an alternate universe. are strong enough. He naturally steals people’s souls as well.


Yes, Thanos doesn’t crack the top 30. (Hard to believe, but it just goes to show how incredibly powerful beings populate the Marvel Universe.) Thanos is a mutant eternal from Titan, the moon of Saturn, and he’s naturally incredible. Strength, durability and energy are the powers of manipulation. His skill alone makes him at least on par with someone like Thor, but what makes Thanos even tougher is his determination and cunning.

Thanos has conquered the universe several times in the comics by gaining access to MacGuffins such as the Infinity Gauntlet and The Heart of the Universe – and when he has them he is near-omnipotent, easily reaching the top five on this list. Is.

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